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Non Sequitur on weather and accommodationism

Today’s Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller uses the weather to show  precisely why science and faith are incompatible: I don’t know how he gets away with it! h/t: Linda Grilli

xkcd raises the bar for comics

Today’s xkcd raises the bar for what is already a superb “comic” (or should I call it graphic art?). I’ve put a screenshot below, but you really need to go to the original site, for the words flash lighter or darker at the frequency with which the event they depict takes place. Check out the […]

Valentine #3

This is a sad and poignant science valentine from xkcd. As far as I can tell, its point is to show that science tells us what is true, not what we want to be true. And, in this case, the truth is sad.

Business cat!

Here are some cats to end a long and snowy week! Reader Matt has called my attention to a terrific comic strip, “The Adventures of Business Cat,” by Tom Fonder and Rachael Robins.  He sent one strip, and I found another, but there are a lot more at their site: and

How to suck at your religion

The title above is also the title of a strip from The Oatmeal, which, curiously, ends with the same sort of nihilism evinced in yesterday’s SMBC strip. But this one is much funnier, though it’s too long to reproduce here. So go to the link and start the day with a chortle.  (I started mine […]

The cat as metaphor

Today’s SMBC, via reader NewEnglandBob: The lesson: don’t be a Feline Fundamentalist

Bucky B. Katt as atheist bus sign

Several readers sent me a link to yesterday’s “Get Fuzzy” by Darby Conley. Bucky Katt, who hates ferrets, is acting as Satchel’s spiritual adviser, but one who’s saner than D**pak:

Deepkat Chopra

Reader Jon sent me a link to today’s Get Fuzzy comic by Darby Conley (I used to read it daily, but for some reason have stopped), with the note, “Bucky Katt may be reading Deepak Chopra.” Indeed! By the way, Wikipedia has a hilarious entry on the comic, in which serious exegesis of a funny subject […]

New comic about evolution and natural selection

Matthew Cobb, who manages to find interesting stuff despite researching, teaching, and being at Dean at Manchester, sent me a link to a new comic that explains evolution and natural selection to young folks.  It might just be the ticket for the many people who ask me about resources for teaching evolution to kids. On […]

Ten Cats again

Just to remind you to follow the comic “Ten Cats,” by Graham Harrop, if you like feline-related humor. In the latest series of episodes, two chickens are trying to take over the top floor of the warehouse—where the Ten Cats dwell—so they can become Cat Dictators.


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