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Two cartoons for Tuesday

A different take on evolution vs. religion, from Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller:   And, out of the mouths of swine. . .From The Atheist Pig, a great webcomic that has gone defunct, as the artist appears to have lost interest. The last panel reminds me of the “one god less” trope of Dawkins and others. h/t: Linda […]

Ten cats but one less person

The “Ten Cats” comic strip  written by Graham Harrop is well worth following, for it describes the adventures of Annie and ten cats who all live in a warehouse.  Apparently Linda, one of the strip’s regular commenters, passed away, and Harrop provided a touching tribute: p.s. Please don’t tell me that it’s one “fewer” person; Pinker dispels a lot of the “less/fewer” […]

Archie Andrews died today—after 73 years in the comics

I think the Archie comics are a purely American phenomenon, but they’ve been around forever—certainly when I was a kid in the Pleistocene. And I read it faithfully, as, I suspect did most of our older readers here. You would remember Archie, Jughead, Riverdale High, and the two attractive women, Veronica and Betty, between which one […]

Doonesbury on PuffHo

I haven’t been following Doonesbury, but I see the error of my ways, for last night, in a comment, reader bric posted a link to today’s strip from The Washington Post.  It perfectly sums up PuffHo’s “journalism”: Maybe I should put “sideboob” in the title of my science posts! I had no idea that ex-reporter Rick Redfern […]

Non Sequitur on weather and accommodationism

Today’s Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller uses the weather to show  precisely why science and faith are incompatible: I don’t know how he gets away with it! h/t: Linda Grilli

xkcd raises the bar for comics

Today’s xkcd raises the bar for what is already a superb “comic” (or should I call it graphic art?). I’ve put a screenshot below, but you really need to go to the original site, for the words flash lighter or darker at the frequency with which the event they depict takes place. Check out the […]

Valentine #3

This is a sad and poignant science valentine from xkcd. As far as I can tell, its point is to show that science tells us what is true, not what we want to be true. And, in this case, the truth is sad.

Business cat!

Here are some cats to end a long and snowy week! Reader Matt has called my attention to a terrific comic strip, “The Adventures of Business Cat,” by Tom Fonder and Rachael Robins.  He sent one strip, and I found another, but there are a lot more at their site: and

How to suck at your religion

The title above is also the title of a strip from The Oatmeal, which, curiously, ends with the same sort of nihilism evinced in yesterday’s SMBC strip. But this one is much funnier, though it’s too long to reproduce here. So go to the link and start the day with a chortle.  (I started mine […]

The cat as metaphor

Today’s SMBC, via reader NewEnglandBob: The lesson: don’t be a Feline Fundamentalist


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