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Watt’s up with xkcd?

Today’s xkcd takes on a familiar argument for climate-change denialism: Note of great interest: Professor Ceiling Cat was born in St. Louis (but moved away only six weeks later). h/t: Linda Grilli

Templeton funds climate-change denialist groups

UPDATE: I forgot that I posted 2.5 years ago on the connection between Templeton and some organizations that are either explicitly climate-denialist or anti-government-regulation in nature, like the Mercatus Center and the Heartland Institute, as well as those with looser connections like the Atlas Economic Research Foundation. See my earlier post for details. Since Templeton […]

U. S. congressman: God promises that global warming won’t happen

John Shimkus is a U.S. congressman representing Illinois’s 15th District, in the southern part of the state. He is a climate-change denialist and constantly makes dumb statements based on his reading of the Bible.  Now you can argue that, in the following video from 2009, he’s merely using the Bible to defend economic interests, but […]

The Australian Election

Reader Keira McKenzie (owner of Plushie) from Oz sent an email and photo about the new election, which apparently has booted out Labour and voted in the government of Tony Abbott: As you know, Australia had an election today.  It looks like the climate-change-denying, staying with 20th century internet (yes, I said *20th century*), foreign […]

A heartening pro-science article? Not really.

About half a dozen readers have called my attention to an op-ed piece in Wednesday’s New York Times by Adam Frank, a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Rochester:  “Welcome to the age of denial.”  Several readers also noted that it was a breath of fresh scientific air in the fetid doldrums […]

Global warming in action: World’s largest observed glacial calving

A “glacial calving” event occurs when a large hunk of a glacier breaks off into the sea. This is normal when glaciers near the ocean move into the warmer waters, but it’s increased dramatically with anthropogenic global warming. Greenland is one of the places that is shrinking rapidly as the glaciers retreat. Here is a five-minute […]


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