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More atheist cartoons

A sign of the increasing secularism of the U.S. is that cartoons like this are appearing with increasing frequency. From The Far Left Side by Mike Stanfill, a panel called “Seeing the light.”  Indeed! And the complementary cartoon: Wanna know what the verses are, you lazy git? Go here and here. (They’re good.)   h/t: jsp

Islamophobia in three panels

From Happy Jar by Tom Fonder: This is indeed how many atheists are acting these days. Fonder was so worried about how this would appear that he wrote a long (and totally unnecessary) explanation on the site. Here’s about a third of his explanation. . . : Islamophobia is also not the same as being critical of […]

Intersectional faith

This cartoon, from reader Pliny the in Between and posted at his site Pictoral Theology, is the answer to all those liberal apologists who tell us that “all faiths are at bottom really the same.” (That’s stupid on the face of it!). I like the liberal characterization of theistic evolution at top left. ~  

God of the gaps

Here’s a new cartoon by reader Pliny the in Between, from his/her site, Pictoral Theology. Does this remind you of a famous Sidney Harris cartoon? And who does that Sophisticated Theologian™ look like?

If Sophisticated Theologians controlled religion

From reader Pliny the in Between:

Snowball, his friends, et moi

Reader Irena happens to own Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo which is, as far as I know, the only animal in history to be documented to actually move to the beat of music. Or, as Wikipedia puts it, Snowball (hatched c. 1996) is a male Eleonora cockatoo, noted as being the first non-human animal conclusively demonstrated to […]

“Peanuts was a lot deeper than people thought”

That was the header of the email that reader Diane G. sent me along with the following cartoon. It’s amazing that this would get published! “I beesech you, in the bowels of Christ. . .”  Could Schulz have been reading about Cromwell?  

A bad pun

Over at his/her site Evolving Perspectives, reader Pliny the in Between has a cartoonish comment on a post I made this weekend. It’s a really bad pun; see if you can figure it out.

How the Bible came to be

Well, at least that’s cartoonist Mike Stanfill’s take in today’s panel of The Far Left Side.  It also paves the way for a guest post coming up next. A sign of the times: this never could have been published anywhere when I was a kid. h/t: William M.

A trippy xkcd celebrates a book launch

Turtles all the way down! Today’s xkcd, by Randall Munroe, celebrates the issuing of the author’s new book.  This is a screenshot, but if you click on it you will go to the site, and then begin scrolling up (or down; it varies among machines and browsers)—forever.  (Note: it doesn’t work with some browsers, but […]


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