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More feline humor from readers

A spate of readers’ contributions are forming a big backlog, but that’s good as I’ll be in California most of next week, unable to contribute much beyond stored posts.  But let me put up two items now. The first is a report on the famous rescue cat Butter, whose awesome technical skills (exercised under the name […]

BICEP, gravitational waves et al.

Reader Justin sent a link to this animated video by MinutePhysics that tries to explain what the BICEP project really revealed about the Big Bang (I say “tries” because I’m not a physicist). Do note, though, that Official Website Physicist™ Sean Carroll was an advisor on the science, so it must be right!. One thing […]

It’s spring!

Today is the spring equinox, although the temperature is barely above freezing in Chicago. To celebrate what should be happening, though, Google has a nice animated doodle showing flowers and spring-y stuff.  Note what the figures spell out. I reproduce a screenshot below, but go here to see the whole thing: Also known as the vernal […]

Two cat cartoons

Basically, I got nothing today, which is good because I have cat stuff to do, i.e., writing a recalcitrant book.  I do have a recipe (next post) and maybe some other stuff will crop up. In the meantime, here are two cat cartoons sent to me by readers. This first post apparently relates to the […]

Are d*gs proof of creationism?

From today’s Get Fuzzy (artist Darby Conley), sent by reader jsp:

The evolution of tetrapods

I’m not sure whether this cartoon implies divine intervention and a form of theistic evolution: h/t: from Off the Mark, by Mark Parisi, via reader js

A cartoon for Damon Linker

In case you’re an atheist and not sufficiently miserable today, reader Pliny the in Between has produced a cartoon detailing how you’re supposed to feel:  

A FreeWilly cartoon

Zach Weinersmith must be reading about free will, because there’s a cartoon about it in his latest SMBC (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal).  Sadly, it gets some stuff confused, including the pyramid’s contention that whatever one does (the determined “decision”) makes no difference. It does. The strip ignores the determinism inherent in the issue (I’m no cartoonist, but […]

Theropods calling

I like that you have to know some science to get today’s Off the Mark cartoon (by Mark Parisi): h/t: Woof  

Buddhist cat

It’s been a long week, and I’m looking forward to a fine dinner and some postprandial Beerenauslese. Let’s celebrate the Slate stats for yesterday and today with a cat. And don’t worry—I’ll be here all week, folks! h/t: Diane G


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