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Pascal’s Wager fail

From the Dutch strip (now in English, too) Could Be Worse, reprinted with permission. The clerics should have practiced the Outsider Test for Faith! h/t: Bruce  


The latest strip from Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller, will appeal to the many atheists who—for reasons that elude me—are into fantasy and science fiction. But it also appeals to me. h/t: jsp, Marella

Two cartoons

First, the Jesus and Mo author comments on the recent crucifixions by ISIS. On a lighter note, Zippy does interpretive dance on a number of topics, including creationism:   Zippy’s figure of 42%, taken from a new Gallup Poll, is largely correct, but refers not to the age of the earth but to the proportion […]

Darwinian humor

Most cartoons about natural selection and evolution aren’t very funny—at least not since Gary Larson went out of the business. But this one, a page of a calendar belonging to reader Howie, is pretty good.

The Outsider’s Test for Everything

From John Kovalic’s “Dork Tower” strip via reader Ant. Nice to see something so pervasive and obvious, but so wilfully ignored, given popular attention: This, of course, implicitly incorporates John Loftus’s clever notion of “The Outsider Test for Faith,” which starts off from the fact that most people adopt the religion of their land and culture. […]

Another Schrödinger’s cat meme

It’s the end of a very long week. I’ll be leaving tomorrow afternoon, so there will be a Caturday felid, a Hili dialogue, and perhaps a few sundry treats before I take off for the Chicago-Warsaw leg. In the meantime, have a cat: From Super-Fun-Pak Comix by Ruben Bolling: Or, in Hili’s case, napping and lapping […]

If I were Noah—redux

The doctor’s prescription for malaise: take two cats and call me in the morning—no, wait, more than two cats! From Off the Mark, by Mark Parisi: Which reminds me of a certain caption contest at the Richard Dawkins Foundation. How come I didn’t get a prize? I never get prizes! h/t: Steve

A winner of Chopra’s Challenge!

Over on his Pictoral Theology website, reader Pliny the in Between made a cartoon that, I think, answers Chopra’s Million Dollar Challenge: explain consciousness as a result of brain activity.  

Doonesbury takes on climate-change denialism

Today’s Doonesbury is a wicked slam at climate-change denialists: This reminds me of an old and hilarious Doonesbury strip in which a TB-inflicted patient, a creationist, is asked if he wants the cure based on evolution. h/t: Linda Grilli  

Two cartoons

Don’t you just love a good political cartoon? This one’s by Tom Toles.   And another from Wiley Miller’s Non Sequitur: h/t: John, Linda Grilli


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