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Another Schrödinger’s cat meme

It’s the end of a very long week. I’ll be leaving tomorrow afternoon, so there will be a Caturday felid, a Hili dialogue, and perhaps a few sundry treats before I take off for the Chicago-Warsaw leg. In the meantime, have a cat: From Super-Fun-Pak Comix by Ruben Bolling: Or, in Hili’s case, napping and lapping […]

If I were Noah—redux

The doctor’s prescription for malaise: take two cats and call me in the morning—no, wait, more than two cats! From Off the Mark, by Mark Parisi: Which reminds me of a certain caption contest at the Richard Dawkins Foundation. How come I didn’t get a prize? I never get prizes! h/t: Steve

A winner of Chopra’s Challenge!

Over on his Pictoral Theology website, reader Pliny the in Between made a cartoon that, I think, answers Chopra’s Million Dollar Challenge: explain consciousness as a result of brain activity.  

Doonesbury takes on climate-change denialism

Today’s Doonesbury is a wicked slam at climate-change denialists: This reminds me of an old and hilarious Doonesbury strip in which a TB-inflicted patient, a creationist, is asked if he wants the cure based on evolution. h/t: Linda Grilli  

Two cartoons

Don’t you just love a good political cartoon? This one’s by Tom Toles.   And another from Wiley Miller’s Non Sequitur: h/t: John, Linda Grilli

Pigliucci pwns Neil deGrasse Tyson; SMBC teases Pigliucci

Neil DeGrasse Tyson has criticized philosophy quite a bit recently, and so has Lawrence Krauss, though Krauss apologized for some of his more egregious statements. Tyson, however, remains obdurately anti-philosophy, and that has angered Massimo Pigliucci. Over at his new website Scientia Salon, Pigliucci takes out after Tyson in a post called “Neil DeGrasse Tyson and […]

We win!

. . . well, sort of. The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science apparently held a contest (I don’t know what the prize was) for providing the best caption to this picture: And the winner was. . . .  How true! And how sweet it is. “When you were kids, you all admired the […]

What is it like to be a cat?

A take on feline consciousness from today’s “Off the Mark” by artist Mark Parisi: h/t: jsp, Tom Nagel

All in

You try writing about Alvin Plantinga and Aquinas and their ilk for four hours and see how you feel! This is what I’d like to do tomorrow, except professors don’t have bosses to call: h/t: Mark

Punch in the presence of the moggie

Reader John sent me this nice cat cartoon (there are actually a fair few cartoons showing moggies using up their nine lives at the Pearly Gates. The cartoonist appears to be Tim Hyatt, an Aussie. Where did the “nine lives” myth come from, and why nine instead of, say, six? I’m too lazy to Google, so perhaps […]


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