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Graduation day boots

These are made from a very rare hide. Can you guess it? A close-up to provide a hint (the scratch was on the original hide):

Foxy boots

“Foxing” is the name for leather overlaid on a boot to make patterns. These boots, by Liberty Boots of Toronto (made in Mexico, I believe), are heavily foxed: And there’s even a tiny heart inlaid on the shafts. You can’t see it under my jeans, but it makes me feel good about myself know it’s there […]

Dude boots

There are two hides here—one for the main vamp and shaft, and another for the wingtip “foxing”; guess both. Boots by Falconhead of El Paso:

Spring footwear

When you’re teaching, having the proper footwear gives you that extra soupçon of authority. Here’s a fine pair of boots from Rodney Ammons of El Paso. Guess the hide: need the proper species, with the right Latin binomial:  

Spring boots

At last the weather is sufficiently decent, and reliable, that I can don my boots. Here’s a fairly new pair made by the estimable outfit Tres Outlaws in El Paso, Texas.  They’re tall (14-inch shafts), with fancy burgundy stitching that matches the oxblood vamps.  Guess the hide (which isn’t hard), but then also guess which […]

Polar vortex boots

The slush and salt have finally abated enough that I can wear boots without fear of ruining them. But I wear tough pairs: no gator or other delicate hides. These are by R. J. Foley, one of the few East-coast bootmakers, who made some really nice boots in Maine, but appears to have gone out […]

Arnold’s boots

Reader Jesse sent me this photo from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Facebook page, which the Governator had captioned as follows: “Ever since I came to this country I collected cowboy boots. It is a hobby that requires a little work.” But Arnold is doing it rong, I think: I never use a brush on my boots—only a […]

“First pair of boots”

The best Christmas present ever! I love this Norman Rockwell-like picture, which was the cover of The Western Horseman magazine in May, 1961 (the last year that appears the same when inverted). What a happy camper.

Elizabeth Taylor’s cowboy boots auctioned off

How many of you know that Elizabeth Taylor collected and wore cowboy boots? I knew it because when I visited Lee Miller’s shop in Austin several years ago (and I’m near the top of his waiting list by now!), I saw a pair he’d made for her, which were returned for some reason. Christie’s finished […]

Snow boots

We had about a 2.5 inches (6+ cm) of snow in Chicago yesterday, and my squirrels’ water dish is frozen.  (Of course I replenish it regularly; what do they drink in winter?).  But boots are still the fashion accessory of the day, although you want your oldest, most beat-up boots:


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