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Spring footwear

When you’re teaching, having the proper footwear gives you that extra soupçon of authority. Here’s a fine pair of boots from Rodney Ammons of El Paso. Guess the hide: need the proper species, with the right Latin binomial:  

Spring boots

At last the weather is sufficiently decent, and reliable, that I can don my boots. Here’s a fairly new pair made by the estimable outfit Tres Outlaws in El Paso, Texas.  They’re tall (14-inch shafts), with fancy burgundy stitching that matches the oxblood vamps.  Guess the hide (which isn’t hard), but then also guess which […]

Polar vortex boots

The slush and salt have finally abated enough that I can wear boots without fear of ruining them. But I wear tough pairs: no gator or other delicate hides. These are by R. J. Foley, one of the few East-coast bootmakers, who made some really nice boots in Maine, but appears to have gone out […]

Arnold’s boots

Reader Jesse sent me this photo from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Facebook page, which the Governator had captioned as follows: “Ever since I came to this country I collected cowboy boots. It is a hobby that requires a little work.” But Arnold is doing it rong, I think: I never use a brush on my boots—only a […]

“First pair of boots”

The best Christmas present ever! I love this Norman Rockwell-like picture, which was the cover of The Western Horseman magazine in May, 1961 (the last year that appears the same when inverted). What a happy camper.

Elizabeth Taylor’s cowboy boots auctioned off

How many of you know that Elizabeth Taylor collected and wore cowboy boots? I knew it because when I visited Lee Miller’s shop in Austin several years ago (and I’m near the top of his waiting list by now!), I saw a pair he’d made for her, which were returned for some reason. Christie’s finished […]

Snow boots

We had about a 2.5 inches (6+ cm) of snow in Chicago yesterday, and my squirrels’ water dish is frozen.  (Of course I replenish it regularly; what do they drink in winter?).  But boots are still the fashion accessory of the day, although you want your oldest, most beat-up boots:

Ratite boots

It’s not easy to find full-ostrich boots.  Surprisingly, ostrich is one of the toughest hides there is, and these boots, Lucchese “San Antonios,” probably from the 1970s, are built like a tank. And they have seven rows of nice stitching. Yup, it’s ostrich all the way down.

Foul weather boots

It may actually snow in Chicago today, so it’s time to don some sturdy boots that don’t mind a bit of slush. These are Lucchese “San Antonios,” made about thirty years ago when the Lucchese Boot Company was making just one kind of “factory” boot in the eponymous Texas town. It was perhaps the best […]

Vintage boots

One of the most famous of all “factory” cowboy boots was the “Golden Angus,” made by the now-defunct Acme Boot Company (no, not run by Wile E. Coyote). This design was made in the fifties and sixties, and was described, as in the ad below, as “the most beautiful Western boots ever created.”  They featured […]


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