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New book on race by Nicholas Wade: Professor Ceiling Cat says paws down

Nicholas Wade, who contributes science pieces for The New York Times, has a new book out called A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History. Its thesis is not only that human “races” are biological realities, but that differences in the structure of human societies, as well as behavioral differences between ethnic groups, are based largely on […]

E. O. Wilson goes on Colbert to tout his book

I got nothing today: bupkes. You people expect me to post all these items every day when I’m doing a book and teaching at the same time, as well as preparing a talk for the Imagine No Religion conference in Canada next week. Oy gewalt! I need either a vacation or the chance to rub the belly […]

Heaven is not for real

A double joke: not nonfiction and neither “real” nor “proof”. From this week’s New York Times bestseller list.  . Note, too, that both books have been on the list for over a year, and Burpo’s for over three years.  What a stupid, credulous species we are!

Political correctness gone wild in Toronto: “Hop on Pop” alleged to promote violence

When someone sent me this tw**t, I thought it had to be a joke. It wasn’t. (Well, the tw**t may have been meant to be humorous, but the complaint was dead serious). As Canada’s National Post reports, someone who obviously hadn’t read the Dr. Seuss classic must have been “triggered” by its name: Despite a demand […]

New York Times reviews Barbara Ehrenreich’s book on her mystical experiences

I’ve put up a couple of posts (here and here) in Barbara Ehrenreich’s new book, Living With a Wild God: A Nonbeliever’s Search for the Truth About Everything, and today it’s reviewed in the New York Times by book-review editor Parul Sehgal. You may remember that the book centers on an experience of the numinous Ehrenreich had […]

Free godless book for Easter

As The Friendly Atheist announced a few days ago, Dan Riley’s 2012 book Generation Atheist is available free through today only in the Kindle version. You can obtain it here.  And here’s the precis from Amazon: The human journey is an emotional quest to find truth and meaning.  Countless books have presented this journey through the eyes […]

Peter Matthiessen died

This is a man whose death I never contemplated, as he seemed immortal. But he died yesterday in Sagaponack, New York. Matthiessen was 86.  According to the New York Times: His son Alex said the cause was leukemia, which was diagnosed more than a year ago. “He continued to fight gallantly to the end and was […]

This week’s New York Times bestsellers: why are these things different from the others?

In NONFICTION! Who decides which book goes into which category, anyway?

“In Heaven, everybody’s young”: a new movie proving Heaven

Pay attention, David Bentley Hart!! Heaven is for real, and it’s beautiful and Jesus is there and we see all our friends and relatives as young people! About two years ago I wrote about a publishing phenomenon, the book Heaven is for Real, recounting the story of Colton Burpo, who, at the age of four, had a […]

Kenneth Miller sells book on consciousness—and its evolution

A reader sent me this notice from an online magazine called Publisher’s Lunch, which reports weekly on recent book deals. This week it reported a sale of a new book by Kenneth Miller, biochemistry professor at Brown, co-author of a best-selling biology textbook, strident anti-creationist (author of the anti-ID Only a Theory), accommodationist (author of Finding Darwin’s God), […]


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