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Free godless book for Easter

As The Friendly Atheist announced a few days ago, Dan Riley’s 2012 book Generation Atheist is available free through today only in the Kindle version. You can obtain it here.  And here’s the precis from Amazon: The human journey is an emotional quest to find truth and meaning.  Countless books have presented this journey through the eyes […]

Peter Matthiessen died

This is a man whose death I never contemplated, as he seemed immortal. But he died yesterday in Sagaponack, New York. Matthiessen was 86.  According to the New York Times: His son Alex said the cause was leukemia, which was diagnosed more than a year ago. “He continued to fight gallantly to the end and was […]

This week’s New York Times bestsellers: why are these things different from the others?

In NONFICTION! Who decides which book goes into which category, anyway?

“In Heaven, everybody’s young”: a new movie proving Heaven

Pay attention, David Bentley Hart!! Heaven is for real, and it’s beautiful and Jesus is there and we see all our friends and relatives as young people! About two years ago I wrote about a publishing phenomenon, the book Heaven is for Real, recounting the story of Colton Burpo, who, at the age of four, had a […]

Kenneth Miller sells book on consciousness—and its evolution

A reader sent me this notice from an online magazine called Publisher’s Lunch, which reports weekly on recent book deals. This week it reported a sale of a new book by Kenneth Miller, biochemistry professor at Brown, co-author of a best-selling biology textbook, strident anti-creationist (author of the anti-ID Only a Theory), accommodationist (author of Finding Darwin’s God), […]

David Bentley Hart on God

I’ve finally started reading the book that’s touted as the be-all and end-all of Sophisticated Theology™, The Experience of God: Being, Consciousness, Bliss, by David Bentley Hart, published last year by Yale University Press. As you probably know if you’re a regular, this book has been touted by many religious people as the most definitive […]

I got the book! You know, the one with the best arguments for God

In the game of Theological Whack-a-Mole, in which one book after another is proffered as the “best argument for God and/or religion,” only to be replaced by another after the first is found wanting, there is supposedly now A Mole That Can’t Be Whacked. And that is the book I’m holding below, which I finally […]

Steve Pinker and Ian McEwan: a can’t-miss double-bill

If you’re in or near London, you’re in luck, for Steve Pinker is going to discuss his latest book, and the difficulty of good writing, with noted author Ian McEwan. Those are two smart and eloquent guys, and if I was anywhere near there I’d go to this Intelligence-Squared event, to be held at the […]

Caturday felid trifecta: The mystery of “rocket cats,” Google’s nefarious cat policy, and a litter of mitten kittens

It’s a three-cat day, thanks to several readers who proffered links. The first item involves a mysterious 16th-century (c. 1530) German book by Franz Helm, an artillery expert (see articles in the Guardian and TDS).  The book contains drawings of cats and birds  with rocket-like jetpacks strapped to their back. The unsettling thing is that […]

A good piece about Carl Sagan

With Neil deGrasse Tyson’s presentation of “Cosmos” (produced by Ann Druyan and Seth MacFarlane) set to premiere this Sunday, people are harking back to the original “Cosmos” of Carl Sagan. That original ran for 14 telvision episodes at the end of 1980, and I remember it well. Sagan was mesmerizing, and his excited presentation didn’t […]


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