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The tuatara’s third eye

by Greg Mayer The tuatara has long been of interest to us here at WEIT, where we refer to it as Earth’s Only Extant Non-Squamate Lepidosaur*. We’ve been especially interested in the tuatara’s third, or parietal, eye, and our most recent post on it, which included a very nice color image of a longitudinal section […]

Christian hatred of atheists: Salon almost, but not quite, manages to diss religion

If ever there were an opportunity to point out the problems with religion, it’s with the publication of a new book by Bonnie Weinstein,  To the Far Right Christian Hater: You Can Be a Good Speller, or a Hater, but You Can’t Be Both: Official Hate Male, Threats, and Criticism from the Archives of the Military […]

My review of E. O. Wilson’s “The Social Conquest of Earth”

UPDATE: I forgot to add a good piece by Steve Pinker which is required reading if you’re being seduced by the idea of group selection. “The false allure of group selection” is published on the Edge website. It’s followed by an online “discussion” involving 23 Edgies. __________ E. O. Wilson has a new book out, The […]

It is finished

Or should I say “Jesus wept”? Proofed, corrected, and scented with all the perfumes of Arabia: Into thy hands I commend my book. For those who asked why it won’t be out till May 19, this is nothing unusual. There are all kinds of decisions involved, as well as technical matters like printing, further proofing, and […]

Have a Scientology Christmas!

It’s time to start thinking about those worthies who deserve a little something for the holidays. How about an e-meter? Or a leather-bound collection of L. Ron Hubbard’s works? Yes, if you have some spare change (a lot of spare change!), you’ll find all that and more at the interactive Dianetics and Scientology 2014 Holiday Catalogue. […]


I am under no illusions about how the faithful will regard this.  

John Loftus’s recent book on the Outsider Test for Faith

I’ve finally finished reading theology, though I suspect I’ll dip into it now and again when my stomach feels strong enough. Now I can cleanse my brain by reading some heathen literature, and have just finished John Loftus’s book, The Outsider Test for Faith: How to Know Which Religion is Really True (Prometheus, published March, 2013).  I […]

The Advice Goddess schools college students in manners

One of the few non-science, non-heathen websites that I follow is Amy Alkon’s “The Advice Goddess Blog.” Described as “Miss Manners with fangs,” Amy has a no-nonsense and hardnosed approach to manners. She pulls no punches, as in her relentless campaign to get people to stop talking loudly on their cellphones in public places (a stand […]

UK survey: the Bible noses out Darwin as the book most valuable to humanity, but not by much

Well, it could have been worse: the Bible could have beaten The Origin decisively. As it is, in a Folio Society poll of books voted “most valuable to humanity” (see the Guardian’s report here), Darwin came second to the Bible by only 2%.  Of course, this poll was taken in the UK (2,044 British adults […]

Bill Nye talks about creationism, evolution, and his new book

I’ll get creamed for this, but Bill Nye really does rub me the wrong way. Yes, I know he’s turned lots of kids onto science, and good for him! But his demeanor just gives me the creeps. And he seems ravenously hungry for the limelight, a form of naked ambition that always puts me off. […]


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