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Your Thanksgiving viewing

Instead of watching a postprandial football game in which behemoths injure each other, how about working your neurons a bit and watching this  53-minute talk by physicist Sean Carroll, delivered in Oxford last January? It’s a superb presentation. The title is “God is not a good theory.” I like that—and the talk—because it presumes that […]

David “theology isn’t about God” Dunn responds

On November 10, I criticized a HuffPo article by theologian David Dunn, who argued that theology is not about God, but about people. That is, studying theology is supposedly a valuable exercise because it gives us insights into the religious views (and behaviors) of our godly ancestors.  Well, there may some truth in that if […]

50 more professors (that makes 150) profess atheism

Just this morning J Pararajasingham posted the third installment in his series of “Academics speaking about God” (go to the links for part 1 and part 2). At 50 atheist academics per video, he’s up to 150 now.  He’s also put together videos of Christians speaking about God and writers speaking about God; you can […]

Bertrand Russell on why the term “agnostic” is for show

Reader Dom sent me a Bertrand Russell quote from what appears to be a very short essay, “Am I An Atheist Or An Agnostic?” (1947) As a philosopher, if I were speaking to a purely philosophic audience I should say that I ought to describe myself as an Agnostic, because I do not think that […]

In chat with Diana Nyad, Oprah Winfrey channels Krista Tippett

Is it any surprise that Oprah Winfrey is a sucker for faith? She’s pitched all kinds of woo on her show, and although I know she’s done some great charity work, gotten people to read books, and done other useful things, I could never watch her for more than five minutes.  She was just too […]

Believers strike back: an anti-atheist billboard in Times Square

Today’s New York Times reports that the creationist organization Answers in Genesis has paid for and installed an anti-atheist billboard in Times Square: Wedged amid an advertisement urging revelers to take a trip to Atlantic City, promotions for the new CBS drama “Hostages” and a promotion from Google was a 15-second video directed at New […]

Only if you’re Polish. . .

. . . will you be able to understand my interview on Polish television this morning. I’m told the translation is good, and you can sort of make out the English words below the simultaneous translation, but I advise you not to try.  If you understand Polish, go here to see the seven-minute archived interview. […]

Professor Ceiling Cat gets a t.v. interview on atheism

UPDATE:  I’m told that the TV station is called TVN, and that the program’s name in Polish is ‘Dzien dobry TVN. My interview will start at about 9:30. ________________ I am astounded that this is even happening, but what I’m told is a fairly large nationwide t.v. station will interview me tomorrow morning (Monday) at about […]

Wallace, Galton, and Gladstone

by Greg Mayer What do these three have in common, besides being prominent Victorian Englishmen? The, to me, surprising answer is: fingerprinting! Faithful and informative reader Dom has sent the following picture from the Galton Collection of the special collections at University College London. Here’s a closeup of Wallace’s fingerprints, with Wallace’s signature below. I […]

New Zealand atheist teacher punched for not praying

Apparently not every rabid anti-atheist loon in the U.S. A report from New Zealand’s says that Alfred Ngaro, a member of Parliament, for crying out loud, punched an atheist for not showing proper respect for religion.  This all took place at Tamaki College in Glen Innes (a suburb of Auckland), which appears to be a government school. […]


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