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Gutting interviews a strident atheist in the New York Times

Gary Gutting has partially redeemed himself after his recent execrable “discussion” at the New York Times’s “Opinionator” site with his Notre Dame colleague Alvin “Jeus Is a Basic Belief” Plantinga.  (More on that later; I’ve recently gotten several comments from irate readers defending Plantinga and claiming that I’m  totally unqualified to pass judgment on his […]

Adam Gopnik’s accommodationism gets it from both ends

In a recent New Yorker piece, “Bigger than Phil: When did faith start to fade?” (free online), Adam Gopnik tried his hand at a bit of accommodationism, arguing two things. First,  he said, nobody still believes in a hands-on, old-man-in-the-sky God who works miracles, and the New Atheists’ critique of such beliefs is misguided. That’s […]

Adam Gopnik on atheism in the New Yorker

I consider Adam Gopnik a friend, as we have occasional email exchanges about the things that matter (e.g., food, atheism, and “other ways of knowing”), and I’ve taken him to my favorite Hunanese restaurant in Chicago. And of course I admire his writing: his book Paris to the Moon, for instance, is a witty and […]

Penn Jillette expatiates on Hitchens and other atheists

This new 9-minute video, for which embedding has been disabled, shows magician Penn Jillette relating engaging and affectionate stories about fellow atheists, beginning with Hitchens, when Jillette (a teetotaler) tried to prevent Hitch from bringing booze into Jillette’s house. He then gives tidbits about Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Lawrence Krauss, and mentions an upcoming […]

Pigliucci to all New Atheists: we’re doing it wrong

I haven’t paid a lot of attention to Massimo Pigluicci lately, and for several reasons. I’ve been busy writing, and haven’t had time to read many websites. And when I have read Massimo’s site, Rationally Speaking, I’ve been put off by his arrogance, attack-dogishness (if you want a strident atheist, look no further than Massimo), […]

Bill Nye explains his disbelief

Is Bill Nye an atheist, an agnostic, or something else? He’s admitted what he is, but you’ll have to go to PuffHo to see his explanation. I have to say that, although I never watched Nye’s “Science Guy” show, I don’t find him particularly articulate in this type of interview.  And that, of course, has […]

A kvetch about a pro-atheism piece

I should be elated that a pro-atheism piece was published last week in a major newspaper. The author was Cindy Hoedel, the paper was The Kansas City Star—as I recall, that’s the paper where Ernest Hemingway got his start—and her piece was called “Let 2014 be the year we start accepting atheists.” Well, that’s great.  […]

An atheist law professor gets a bit muddled about atheism

Dr. Daniel H. Cole of Indiana University describes himself on his webpage as “Professor of Law (Maurer School) and a member of the Affiliated Faculty of the Vincent and Elinor Ostrom Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis. I am also a Life Member of Clare Hall (College of Advanced Studies), University of Cambridge.” Judging […]

Unequivocal evidence for God? I don’t think so.

Here we ago again: it’s my last day in Poland and I’m compelled by the Universe to take on yet another set of arguments for God—arguments set out in a piece that reader Steve sent me with the comment: “weapons grade horseshit.” And indeed, this is equine excreta of the WMD class, set out in […]

Newsflash: Salon publishes piece urging more strident atheism

Salon, which has devoted a lot of space to reprehensible articles bashing New Atheism, has finally allowed one of us to strike back—Jeffrey Tayler, a contributing editor at The Atlantic. His piece, “15 ways atheists can stand up for rationality,” is eminently sensible and, surprisingly, calls for us to be more strident, criticizing faith at nearly […]


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