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The Argument from Pandas

Sarah Silverman is apparently questioning her atheism on her Facebook page: Silverman, is, of course, an iconic figure for many atheists, and is followed on Twi**er by both Dan Dennett and Sam Harris! I don’t follow anyone, but my Facebook page gets updates from her public page.

CNN piece suggests that cosmic inflation finding is evidence for God

As expected, the finding of gravitational waves from the earliest moments of the Big Bang has prompted —along with scientific exultation—the usual blathering of theologians and believers, who can’t resist connecting this new finding with God. I didn’t post about that because those blatherings were a). predictable and b). adequately covered by other websites. But […]

Today’s Adam and Eve post now at The New Republic

This morning’s post on Bryan College and its new-Adam-and-Eve policy has, after a bit of rewriting, just appeared on The New Republic website. It’s now called “A Tennessee college is forcing its faculty to swear that they believe Adam and Eve existed.”  Feel free to go over there to participate if any action develops.

Coming soon: some new apologetics

I’ve decided, thanks to a reader’s suggestion, that the strategy of suggesting that one book after another gives the “best argument” for God (if you find one deficient, another one pops up), should be called The Argument from Whack-A-Mole. The last mole was David Bentley Hart’s book, The Experience of God: Being, Consciousness, Bliss, which […]

The bland leading the blind: a conversation on atheism between Gary Gutting and Alvin Plantinga

A few readers have called my attention to a one-on-one email interview of Alvin Plantinga by Gary Gutting at the “Opinionator” section of the February 9 New York Times. This is (God help us) the first of a series of interviews that Gutting will conduct about religion, and his topic for the first, published last […]

Paul Bloom debunks the “Moral Law argument for God”

I’ve just finished reading Paul Bloom’s short book, Just Babies: The Origins of Good and Evil, which was published last November by Crown Publishing. Bloom, who works at Yale, is a well-known psychologist, specializing in the development of morality—especially in infants. I recommend his book, especially if you’re interested in how much of human morality is […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ evidence

As we all know, for most believers religion, to be fully embraced as a way of life, must be based—at least in principle and in part—on evidence. But the absence of that evidence has given rise to the discipline of theology, which is based on the insupportable premise of rationality without reason. The Jesus and […]

Unequivocal evidence for God? I don’t think so.

Here we ago again: it’s my last day in Poland and I’m compelled by the Universe to take on yet another set of arguments for God—arguments set out in a piece that reader Steve sent me with the comment: “weapons grade horseshit.” And indeed, this is equine excreta of the WMD class, set out in […]

Luhrmann soft-pedals religion again in the NYT: this time it’s demons

I remain mystified why The New York Times continues to use Tanya Luhrmann, an anthropologist at Stanford University, as a regular op-ed columnist. Although she may not be a believer, when she writes about religion she is devoted to explaining why faith is good or useful.  When she says anything else, it’s mundane.  But one thing […]

William Lane Craig’s Christmas present: five bits of evidence for God; Professor Ceiling Cat responds with evidence for Not Ceiling Cat

Where else but on Fox News will you find this bit of frippery: an article by the eloquent but slippery theologian William Lane Craig, and with the invidious title “A Chistmas gift for atheists—five reasons why God exists“. Craig tells us first that Christmas is a sham for atheists (yes, of course—if you want to […]


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