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Making a virtue of necessity: doubt as “a crucial part of faith”

On September 18 I discussed the confession of Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, that he had experienced some heavy doubts about God’s existence, based on God’s distressing lack of appearance on the planet. Surprisingly, though, Welby had no doubts about Jesus. I found that quite astonishing, for Jesus has meaning to Welby only as the […]

Christian bodybuilders find Biblical justification for swinging

Well, this just goes to show that literally anything, including wife-swapping, can be justified by the Bible. We learn via reader Barry from an article in yesterday’s HuffPo that a new Christian swingers’ group, one aimed at bodybuilders (!) has arisen. And of course because they’re Christians, and having sex with a bunch of other people […]

Keeping the faith: an apologist argues that religion isn’t responsible for anything bad

Guess who said this? In the past, many of the most influential Jewish, Christian and Muslim thinkers understood that what we call “God” is merely a symbol that points beyond itself to an indescribable transcendence, whose existence cannot be proved but is only intuited by means of spiritual exercises and a compassionate lifestyle that enable […]

William Lane Craig answers a distressed reader: “If ISIS’s god were mine, should I do what he says?”

Sometimes the mask slips just a little on Sophisticated Theologians™—or, in the case of William Lane Craig, Slick Theologians.  In this case it happened when Craig was forced to answer the question, one not often taken up by theologians, of how they know their god is the RIGHT God. It came in the form of […]

Why is this thing not like the others?: Bill Maher schools Charlie Rose on the perfidies of Islam

Like Sam Harris, Bill Maher is one of those people who inspires a lot of rancor among atheists because their view aren’t perfectly consonant with the thoughtful, secular “line”. Harris favors gun ownership and profiling for terrorists, while Maher was an anti-vaxer. (I’m not sure whether he still adheres to that position.) My view has always been […]

A new proof of God: The argument from The Matrix

Well, there’s this website whose name (which includes “Science and Nonduality”) has some strange characters in it, so I’ll just give a screenshot that links to the site: Part of the site’s aim is to “ignite the dialogue between science and spirituality,” which already erects my fur. And on that site, someone named Bernardo Kastrup has […]

The good news and the bad news

While watching the evening newscast, I heard some good news and some bad news. Bad news first: a quote from P.M. David Cameron on the brutal beheading by ISIS of British aid worker David Haines (quote verified in The Daily News): “They [ISIS] boast of their brutality. They claim to do this in the name of […]

Two debates on science vs. faith: Craig vs. Caroll and Craig vs. Krauss

I’ve been meaning to put these up for a while, but finally got around to it. I haven’t yet watched either debate yet (one is actually supposed a “discussion”), but now I will. Be aware: each debate is about two hours long. They’re worth watching, I hear, because although Craig is an accomplished debater and […]

Don McLeroy tells us why he believes in the Resurrection and its 500 witnesses

Don McLeroy, young-earth creationist dentist and former head (and then member) of the Texas Board of Education, left a comment on my website a while back–a comment that I didn’t approve but put it up as a main post. Here it is: He then tendered his “evidence” for those 500 witnesses, which I also posted; […]

Let’s stop teaching philosophy of religion in secular colleges

Philosophers have reproved me because, as a mere biologist, I have no right to criticize the teaching of philosophy of religion in colleges, nor to call for its end.  But I reject the idea that biologists have no standing to give such an opinion, just as I reject the notion that philosophers can’t pass judgement on whether […]


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