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Hummingbird Cam!

Forgive me if I don’t post anything serious today; it’s nice to distract myself with a bit of natural history and noms. Reader Jim called my attention to this live hummingbird cam, which is on YouTube. I didn’t know you could put animal cams on YouTube (this one shows a prerecorded clip when it’s dark), but […]

Mr. Squirrel has a postprandial nap

One thing is for sure: even though it’s wicked cold, the squirrels are out foraging when they can. Lots of them are raiding the buffet I’ve set out for them on the windowsill, and they’re gorging themselves like pigs. Since I’ve scraped the snow off the sill, and it faces south, sometimes the squirrels have […]

Eggcam films penguin colony from above; GoPro robot films lion cubs

The website “Animals” at Trove has a post on a rather complex series of events ensuing after biologists put a mock “egg cam” amidst a penguin colony, hoping for some good penguin shots. They got them, but got some other serendipitious shots as well. As they note: A falcon-like bird was unwittingly turned into a […]


Reader Amy has clued me in to the Southwest Florida Eagle cam (click on one of the two cameras at the bottom, or choose a split screen), which has a parent and two newly-hatched chicks. The eagles are called Ozzie and Harriet, and have been nesting in this same spot for seven years (site information […]

Polar Bear Cam

Reader Mary informs me that Explore is hosting a live polar bear cam, or several (there are four live views). These are apparently on remote-controlled vehicles, and you can watch the bears here.  So far I haven’t seen a bear, but there appear to be operators zooming around. I’ll post a screenshot when I see […]


I’ve been remiss finding animal cams this year, but reader Christian called my attention to a good one from the Richmond Times-Dispatch.   The cam, which you can see livestreamed here, shows a cheetah mom and her five cubs, born at the Metro Richmond Zoo October 6. (The cam operates 24/7.) They’re only five weeks old, […]

Friday squirrel report

I have discovered that the last litter of squirrels includes three offspring, whose genders remain indeterminate. But they’re all feeding voraciously: I can hardly put out enough seeds to keep them from eating more. And they’ve learned how to open the seeds more quickly, as well as to appreciate peanuts and corn (which they previously […]

Amazing footage of camera-clad eagle: real or fake?

If this video is real, it’s one of the most amazing bird films I’ve seen. It was posted three days ago, apparently from France, and already has nearly 2.4 million views. It seems to show footage from a camera mounted on the back of an eagle, and really gives you the sense of what it’s […]

Serengeti lions: the best animal video-and-photo site of the year

This a combined article/photo/video feature at the National Geographic site about the lions of the Serengeti. And it’s fantastic. You really need to spend some time there. Now. Before you get to the show-and-tell, first read David Quammen’s essay, “The short happy life of a Serengeti lion“ Then head over to “The Serengeti Lion” site, where […]

Chicago plus sqlrz

Evening, August 6 (click all photos to enlarge): Evening, Aug. 7: The mother squirrel is pregnant again (look at those swollen teats)! Here she is nomming a peanut on the railing outside my office balcony. I’m making sure she gets extra food while cooking up a second batch of sqrlz:


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