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Who doesn’t love puffins? Reader Amy called my attention to a PuffinCam, which follows the doings of one Phoebe the Puffin on Seal Island, Maine, a famous birding site.  The cam is in her burrow, and she appears to be sitting on one egg.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a baby puffin, so this bears […]

Springwatch: dinosaurs vs reptiles

[JAC note: I'm not really fond of posting pictures of death and depredation in nature, but, hey, that's biology folks! You can't have the squee without the squalling.] by Matthew Cobb The BBC’s annual three week-long nature extravaganza, Springwatch, is starting its final week. One of the highlights last week was the antics of Grub, a […]

Falcon feeding time

Over at the Fargo FalconCam, mom or pop has just caught a bird and brought it in, deftly dissecting it and feeding it to the chicks. Don’t miss it. The chicks are still fluffballs but are getting big and noisy. Don’t miss the two archived clips below the live stream.

Tufty E has his breakfast

There are two juvenile squirrels, but I haven’t been able to photograph them together. Here’s Tufty E enjoying a repast of sunflower seeds. Check out his magnificent tuft!  It’s interesting to see that the pattern of ticking in the fur gives their tails a stripey appearance. If it has an adaptive significance, I don’t know […]

Chicks at the FalconCam

The live (peregrine) FalconCam in Fargo, North Dakota, is well worth watching these days, as the parents have hatched three fuzzy chicks, now about a week old.  I took the screenshot below a few minutes ago, and all the chicks were rolling around like dust bunnies. If you click on the shot, it’ll take you […]

I’ve named my squirrel

I didn’t imagine I’d get nearly 100 comments when I asked readers to name my baby squirrel.  There were many good suggestions, and I’ve picked a name. Or rather, I’ve given him two names. Reader Craig Gallagher suggested “Tufty”, after the squirrel in the videos below, while the linguistically inclined Diana MacPherson suggested “Jerry Eichcoynechen” […]

My rodential offspring: name him

I’ve seen only one young squirrel in this year’s crop, but I’m sure this one’s mine—that is, I am sure that, by feeding his mom copiously, I helped bring him into being. What pride! And, today I verified that it’s a male, for he stood up while eating a peanut, and, sure enough, he had […]

Baby sqrl!

A couple weeks ago I was feeding a fat mother squirrel, whose teats were much enlarged. She was obviously pregnant.  Then she disappeared, and today I saw not only her (much thinner!), but also this little tyke—obviously a several-week-old member of the first brood. This one hasn’t yet mastered the art of opening sunflower seeds quickly, […]

Bitterns, bullfinches and blue tits: Springwatch is back.

by Matthew Cobb It’s that time of year again in the northern hemisphere, so the BBC is treating us to three weeks of nightly live TV in the shape of Springwatch. This is a family-oriented programme that each year broadcasts live over three weeks from a key site of biodiversity in the UK. This year […]

FalconCam in Fargo

I’ve been remiss in posting about animal cams, but I don’t want you to miss this really nice Perigrine FalconCam in Fargo, North Dakota. You can see a live feed here, and I’ve posted a screenshot I just took below.  Isn’t she lovely? And you’ll be able to watch the chicks hatch and be raised!  According […]


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