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Cat vs. deer

Here a herd of deer, wandering through a residential neighborhood, encounters a solitary white cat with a colored tail. Who will win this Meeting of the Mammals? Note that the deer, who are usually prey, are still wary of the cat as a potential predator. But in the end, size wins out.

Yikes! Keep those spare bedroom windows *shut*

by Matthew Cobb This just popped up in my Tw*tter feed, and was in this morning’s Daily Telegraph. A couple in Winchester, England, had not been in their spare bedroom for several months. What they did not realise is that they had left the bedroom window open. In the intervening period, a wasp queen had […]

Cats knocking stuff off tables and stuff

It’s been a looooong day, but the Albatross is flying well. I have nothing to offer beyond this series of gifs, from College Humor, all showing the familar “cats knocking stuff off of tables” behavior.  I can understand it when it’s meant to wake an owner up, but there seems to be more to it than that. […]

It’s not just cats who like belly rubs

Via reader Barry and a story in PuffHo, we learn that baby deer also appreciate the gastric massage. The YouTube notes tell the tale: My buddy and I were clearing a right of way for the electric lines and came across this fawn trapped in the fall path of the tree we were about to trim. […]

Marmot video-bombs time-lapse film of Glacier Park, licks camera

For some reason I don’t understand, photobombs by rodents are one of the most appealing things on the internet, drawing far more attention than, say, cat or dog photobombs. Perhaps it’s that adorable rodent face with its bulbous nose magnified by the camera. That, for example, may explain this old chestnut, perhaps the best—and certainly […]

A dog trying to save fish?

Okay, here’s another video that has charmed people who see it as an attempt of an altruistic dog to save fish who have been taken out of the water. Several readers sent this to me, probably not because they believed that this was indeed the dog’s motivation, but simply because its behavior was enigmatic. It’s enigmatic […]

Baby foxes playing

I need one more Cute Animal Video to bring myself back to normal. This is a good one. As you know, this site considers foxes to be Honorary Cats™, and I have no compunction about posting the antics of these adorable fox cubs (pups?). The YouTube notes say this: A family of gray foxes have […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

I am back but extremly jet-lagged, and I got nothing substantive today. Just be aware of that! Besides, looking at the comments on the Dawkins post, I see that people were pretty busy yesterday. Diana MacPherson continues her documentation of the chipmunks in her yard, this time with an email containing three photos and the title, […]

A thieving mink

Minks, ferrets, and other mustelids have an undeservedly bad reputation. Yes, they’re fierce and will attack prey many times their size, but they’re also beautiful: long, slinky animals of gorgeous coat (their undoing) and awesome speed. They’re true evolutionary marvels of carnivory. In this video, one can see both the ferocity and tenacity of a American […]

Bear saves crow. But why?

by Matthew Cobb (with assistance from Prof. Ceiling Cat) Reader Crary called this recently posted video to our attention, with the YouTube notes below. It’s gone viral ( >4 million views) so you may well have seen it. Spoiler: a bear in a zoo saves a crow from the moat around its enclosure. My initial […]


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