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Giant panda plays in the snow

I guess I always end the work week with a cute animal video. That’s for me, as I need it.  Here’s a good one from the Toronto Zoo via VetSTREET, showing what they describe as “bear bogganing”. The scientific name of the giant panda is Ailuropoda melanoleuca, which I translate as “black and white cat-footed animal.” […]

Hermit crab housing swap

This video, which you can see at Twisted Sifter by clicking the link below (I couldn’t embed it, and the BBC version on YouTube isn’t visible in the US) is right up there with yesterday’s snail-shell-using spider as one of the marvels of nature. In fact, it’s a stunning example of bizarre but orderly animal behavior, and I demand […]

Birds put into the drunk tank to sober up

From the CBC we learn that animal lovers are helping out our feathered friends by setting up drunk tanks for birds who overindulge. It turns out that Bohemian waxwings (Bombycilla garrulus; see below) have a tendency to gobble mountain ash berries, which ferment after they freeze and defrost. That gets the birds more than a bit tipsy. As the CBC notes: “What […]

Squirrel purloins, then returns, GoPro camera

I nominate this for the Squirrel Video of the Year (my own rodents, by the way, are all fattened up for winter after generous ingestion of seeds and nuts). As the Daily Mail explains, a David Freiheit of Montreal affixed a piece of bread to the GoPro camera and put it near a squirrel. The results […]

Animal news of the week

I hadn’t realized that Wired has a weekly feature called “This week’s weirdest wild animal incidents,” but it does indeed, and it’s engrossing reading. I won’t reprise this week’s, but it’s full of bizarre stories interspersed with a few heartwarmers. Lots of animal tales! And there’s this: A woman in British Columbia became an Internet […]

Defeating a squirrel

Is it a sin to find this funny? The Rock Squirrel [Spermophilus variegatus] has been raiding our bird feeder, carrying away pounds of seed. Nancy figured a quick solution. I don’t know which is funnier, the squirrel or Nancy’s narration. h/t: pyers ~  

What I feel like this morning

. . . like Buster the raccoon, who doesn’t want to get up to go out. I don’t know much about this procyonid except for what it says in the YouTube video, but he clearly wants to sleep in. Buster the Raccoon aka “Butter Brownie” (because he is so soft and sweet) doesn’t like the cold […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

It’s Pie Day today: the annual pie-baking drive for the local elementary school, so look for a stuffed Professor Ceiling Cat this afternoon and some nice pie photos tomorrow. In the meantime, we got your wildlife. First, two meese from Stephen Barnard: A couple of moose (Alces alces) helping themselves to my alfalfa, and three youngsters […]

And you thought it was difficult giving medicine to a cat!

According to the caption of this YouTube video, the keeper is trying to give two baby pandas their medication. I think they’d rather play.  This appears to be from the Panda Research Center near Chengdu, China: h/t: Matthew Cobb And here’s a photo of Gus the Earless Cat, just because it’s been a long day. […]

Starlings take a bath, in slo-mo

All of us, I bet, have seen a bird take a bath, be it in water or dust. And what we see is a quick blur of feathers surrounded by flying dust or splashing water. What happens when you slow the action down? Earth Unplugged used extremely slow motion to film a starling taking a […]


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