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Squirrel buries nuts in a guy’s clothes

This video, taken in Battery Park, Manhattan, shows a biological instinct gone awry. This squirrel, given several peanuts, buries them in the clothes of the guy who proffered the nuts, hiding them in his hood and his pockets.  What was that squirrel thinking—that the guy would remain on the bench all winter? h/t: Barry

It’s squirrel week

. . . at least, according to reader Melissa, it is at the Washington Post, which is running a number of articles on squirrels that are really interesting and funny.  I think Squirrel Week ends today, but it may already be over. Happily, the articles remain. It appears to be the creation of reporter John Kelly, who […]

True facts about owls

True facts about owls and some fascinating footage of these beautiful birds in this video made by Ze Frank.   And don’t miss the image at the very end!     There are a lot more links to owl videos and owl information if you click through to the Youtube page.     h/t Gregory James

Reader’s cat pees in electrical socket

First, no harm done to the cat, thank Ceiling Cat (praise be unto Him). This would have made a good story for the Cat Confessions Contest, but, sadly, it came in too late. (BTW, I’m slowly sending out books to the winners.) It was submitted by reader Lorena Moore (“ironwing”): Here is a true story from […]

Three amazing examples of camouflage (no nightjars)

JAC: Thank Ceiling Cat that Matthew has—at least temporarily—gone off cryptic nightjars. But he’s still fascinated by mimicry, and gives us several nice examples. I had no idea that there were leaf fish, and the modification of their behavior is as impressive as the modification of their shape and color (and that eye stripe is […]

The world’s most polite cat

Meet Willie, who, like many bad moggies, unrolls the toilet paper. But Willie is different, for he re-rolls it! I know a certain Canadian reader who’s wondering if he can also reverse the direction of the roll itself.

Does SeaWorld tranquilize its animals?

I’ve always been critical of places where large, captive animals are displayed to the public as entertainment, and aquaria that house large cetaceans (or mammals like sea otters) are a prime offender. For me, SeaWorld is the most egregious of these, and I’ve posted about it, and about the recent movie “Blackfish,” made about its orcas (killer whales) […]

A cat suckling ducklings!

I believe I’ve put up a shorter version of this video before, but this is the full one, and much better. It’s about an Irish cat who actually nursed a brood of ducklings along with her kittens, and the ducklings actually drank the cat’s milk! That’s unbelievable.  And watch what happens when the “yellow kittens” […]

Eureka! Canny crows figure out water displacement to get noms

In the Aesop fable “The Crow and the Pitcher,” a thirsty crow manages to get water out of a near-empty jar by dropping pebbles into it, raising the water level so he could reach it with his beak. The moral was “Little by little does the trick.” That fable is a title reference in a […]

Cat tries to open the Door to Summer

. . . and gives up. This post is to celebrate the end of a long, depressing winter. I have had a revelation from Ceiling Cat that there will be no more snow this year—at least in Chicago. h/t: Su


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