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Starlings take a bath, in slo-mo

All of us, I bet, have seen a bird take a bath, be it in water or dust. And what we see is a quick blur of feathers surrounded by flying dust or splashing water. What happens when you slow the action down? Earth Unplugged used extremely slow motion to film a starling taking a […]

Early Hallowe’en post: Teddy the Porcupine noms pumpkin, again

by Matthew Cobb Teddy Bear is a delightful male porcupine who makes the most fantastic noises. One of his annual treats is to eat pumpkin round Hallowe’en, as we showed last year. In fact there were two videos posted last year, the second of which (>3 million views!) has just had a seasonal viral revival. […]

Snagglepuss the cat and Bubbles the baby rabbit

by Matthew Cobb This was posted on YouTube way back in the days of steam-powered black and white TV (like in, ooh, 2009). So Bubbles will now be a big rabbit. It garnered about 15,000 hits, at a time when that was LOTS. [EDIT: I have now traced it back to 2008 on a dead […]

Baby rhino tries to impress mom with its courage

A baby rhino goes for a car but then backs off:   ~

Fantastic slo-mo video of butterfly courtship

by Matthew Cobb This video was posted on Instagram and tw**ted by @phil_torres, who took the video *and edited it* on his iPhone 6. It really is quite astonishing! Phil reckons the species is Heliconius ismenius. The male is flying, the female is resting. The movement of the male’s abdomen up and down involves casting pheromones […]

Hawks vs drones

by Matthew Cobb Here are two dramatic videos of hawks responding to drones, and one of them taking on bigger prey. In the first, a red-tailed hawk attacks a drone equipped with a camera operated by Chris Schmidt. The incident took place at a park in Massachusetts on Wednesday. Neither the bird nor the drone was damaged. In the […]

Kangaroo dustup!

Just as some Europeans think all Americans carry guns and have shootouts in the street, I suspect Americans think that this Roo Fight is a normal occurrence on the Australian street (I know I  do). It’s interesting the way they balance on their tails, but I hope they don’t hurt each other. I’ve heard that a big kangaroo […]

Angier on giraffes

Substantive posts will be thin on the ground until the end of October, as I’m off to NYC on Thursday and to Bulgaria two days after I return to Chicago (next Monday).  What with the final version of the Albatross due Thursday, it’s lucky I can post anything. So go read Natalie Angier’s nice piece on […]

Two industrious spiders, one with math skills

Today we have two overachieving arachnids. First, from the Torygraph’s picture gallery for today: The incredible spider’s web which appeared in front of Russell Harding s garage door. A pensioner could not believe his eyes when he stepped outside his front door and almost walked into this spider’s web – which spanned six foot. Russell […]

Good morning!

Why not start the work week with an example of either kin selection or altruism, which this behavior apparently represents? If you’re an internet maven, you’ll have already seen it; if not, it’s cute, but also demonstrates how rapidly elephants rush to help their kin/group members. The information below, from YouTube, doesn’t say whether any […]


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