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Lion cub vs. GoPro

Now that we have the GoPro camera (a great invention, whose only downside may be the tendency of people to care more about the video than the experience), we’re going to see a whole lot more video closeups of animals in the wild.  Here’s one by photographer Chris Bray with the following information (among other […]

OMG: Monster leech swallows giant worm

Reader “pyers” called my attention to a Torygraph article about an upcoming BBC documentary, “Wonders of the monsoon,” that is a must-watch. But the Torygraph piece has a title more suited to the Daily Mirror, to wit (click on the headline to go to the article): Indeed, that’s just what happens, and for those of […]

Are chimps natural-born killers?

If you saw the movie “The Last Picture Show” (one of my top five movies), you’ll remember the scene where an English teacher in a small Texas town, facing a class full of bored students, asks, “What are my chances of interesting you people in a little Keats today?” From their reaction, it was nil. So I […]

Friday squee: Petting a wombat and teaching a polar bear to walk

Okay friends, it’s been a hard day slogging over my bibliography, and I’m tired and need some cute animals. Fortunately, we have two today. Reader Lauren sent me this video with a comment: I always thought a wombat was a vicious creature with which one should engage in mortal combat.  This video proves they just […]

Playful fox steals golf ball

Good news for you d*g lovers! Because I’ve conferred the status of Honorary Cats™ on foxes, we might, if you’re good, have a few fox videos this week.  Here’s the first: a playful young fox playing hob with someone’s golf ball h/t: Grania

Squirrel guarding body of its friend?

Here’s a video that purportedly shows a squirrel guarding the body of its friend, who was bashed by a car, from crows who want to nom it.  And it sure looks like that, but I can’t quite bring myself to believe that squirrels have that kind of empathy. On the other hand, recent experiments here […]

Dragonfly watch: we have mating!

[JAC] Since we had dragonflies this morning, I thought I’d put up this post by Matthew that he kindly wrote and saved as a draft. It was from about three days ago. by Matthew Cobb The other day I posted some photos of a male dragonfly, Sympetrum striatum, which I found in the quad of […]

Mongoose takes on four lions—and wins!

You think honey badgers are fierce? Have a look at this mongoose taking on four lions. This video was posted to YouTube only four days ago and has garnered nearly 2.8 million views.  I suspect people love a feisty underdog. The backstory from the Global Post The honey badger — who, you should remember, doesn’t care about a single thing — […]

More X rays: a person eating

Yesterday I said I’d like to see an X-ray movie of someone eating food. Luckily, reader Stephen Q. Muth (Butter’s staff) came through with this video (the link is in a comment on the earlier post): And we get to see the ingestion of both food and drink.

A human swallowing

Imagine how weird everything would look if we had X-ray vision like Superman. For instance, he’d see this if he watched someone swallow a liquid: And imagine the other possibilities! For instance, I’d like to see someone eating. From SciencePorn’s post on Vine: “X-Rays show a human swallowing liquid. #Science#Mindblowing From YouTuber: spladgum”  


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