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Huge mayfly emergence captured on radar

From the Lacrosse, Wisconsin office of the National Weather Service, via reader Gregory, we see Doppler radar capturing a massive mayfly emergence on June 23 (a description of how Doppler radar works is here). I believe the species is the giant mayfly, Hexagenia limbata, though I may be wrong. On Saturday evening, June 23 2012, a […]

Attack of the Killer Adelie!

It has been a long day, and Professor Ceiling Cat is dispirited. This calls for both a penguin and a cat. The penguin’s first. Matthew Cobb sent me this tw**t from “General bollocks” which included a funny flash video of a penguin (I think it’s an Adelie) attacking a man. The penguin is so aggressive that the […]

Two animal cams: a snowy owl and a puffin, both with chicks

I am working furiously because the football game is starting in about 85 minutes, so I’ll quickly post about two live animal cams brought to my attention by readers. I’ve already mentioned the PuffinCam in a burrow on Seal Island, off the coast Maine, but the mother has now hatched a chick (dad’s helping) and you can watch the […]

“You call that a tuft? Now THIS is a tuft!”: the squirrel with the bushiest tail

My own squirrel babies (actually juveniles now) go by the name of “Tufty” because of their fluffy tails. (There was once a male named Tufty E., but now there are three siblings, including two females that I call Tuftina and Tuftette.) But their tails are as nothing compared to those of a ground squirrel from Borneo […]

Interspecific love?

Tomorrow’s a holiday in the U.S.: Independence Day. But Professor Ceiling Cat must polish up his book for submission on July 9, and until then there will be no rest for the professorial felid. But to get the holiday started on the right foot for those Americans with normal lives, let’s have . . . […]

Chimps learn to stick grass in their ears—for no good reason

Hili’s predecessor, the wise but now-deceased tabby cat Pia, used to annoy Andrzej by sticking her whiskers in his ears when he was sleeping. We’ve now discovered that chimps show a related behavior: sticking grass stems in their ears for no good reason. A new paper in Animal Cognition by Edwin van Leeuwen et al. documents this […]

Cat caught stealing from drawer

Who says that animals don’t feel guilt? Have a look at this thieving moggie! It comes from May Fong Robinson via reader Clive. The original gif is labeled “What? I wasn’t going to wear it!” Clive adds, “I can’t stop laughing at the way it gently pushes the drawer closed.”

Animal parents

I’m one day from finishing my book, so excuse me while I show you some animal parents from Bored Panda. There’s something here for everyone (except botanists)—even for herp lovers. My favorites are the lion cub trotting with the older ladies and, of course, the mother and baby squirrel. Identify the hard species if you can. […]

Elebenty gazillion ducks

This seems to be in either southern India or Sri Lanka (readers please enlighted us), and I have no idea why there’s an invasion of ducks. Are they being driven somewhere? h/t: Jim

Little squirrels at play!

Working away this afternoon, I was disturbed by the sounds of thumping and scuttling from the windowsill outside my office. When I cracked the blinds (I keep them closed to keep sun glare off my computer), I saw several baby squirrels at play. There were two, then three—almost certainly from one brood. I opened the blinds […]


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