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Horse yoga!

This video is my going-to-India present from Matthew Cobb, who wrote “Maybe you’ll see this in India!” I doubt it. . . And I don’t know how the hell they train a horse to do this.

Head control in the saw-whet owl

The first bird shown in the last post was a northern saw-whet owl (Aegolius acadicus), America’s second smallest owl—the elf owl, at 1.4 oz or 40 grams, is the smallest in the world—weighing in at a hefty 2.3–5.3 oz (65–151 g). Like many birds, owls have a remarkable ability to keep their heads absolutely steady as their […]

Great horned owl goes swimming in Lake Michigan

After the fourth reader sent this to me (thanks, all!), I decided I’d better put it up. But I probably would have anyway: though the videos are short, they show some amazing bird behavior, namely a swimming owl (forced into Lake Michigan by peregrines), making its way through the water using its wings as paddles. […]

Animals see snow for the first time

I’m always amused to see pets encountering their first snowfall, an experience that must flummox most of them. Bored Panda has a big site (40+ pictures) showing animals experiencing their first snow. There are bears, panda and otherwise, cats, and d*gs. Of course I’m showing only the cats here. If you want d*gs, go over to the site, for […]


From the Facebook page of Harberin Bizdin, which appears to be a Turkish-language news website, we have a great video of a domestic cat catching fish in a large body of water (the sea?). The original seems to be here, a French fishing news site.  The cat’s tenacity and skill is astounding; it must have been […]

You can lead a horse to water… but then what happens?

by Matthew Cobb The horse is called Magic, and he got spooked by the river. Then YouTube user Anna Patarek had a surprise. h/t @alisonatkin on Tw*tter ~

The lyrebird: nature’s finest sound mimic

The superb lyrebird of Australia (Menura novaehollandiae) is perhaps the best vocal mimic in the world, and by “vocal mimic” I don’t mean having the ability to mimic voices, but having the ability to mimic diverse sounds with its voice. In one of the first posts that appeared on this site in 2009 (only 4 comments!), I […]

Playing with seal pups

[JAC: It’s almost a holiday—Thanksgiving in the US—so it’s time to ditch the gravitas and have some fun. Here’s the first of two pre-holiday animal videos.] by Matthew Cobb I declare seals, like otters, to be Aquatic Honorary Cats™. In October 2013, Vimeo user ‘SuperJohnnyAdventurepants‘ went diving on the Farne Islands (off Northumberland, on the […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Robin Elisabeth Cornwell sends what she calls “deer porn,” showing the 14-point mule deer stag (Odocoileus hemionus) enjoying what his big antlers have gained him. Checking out the female’s reproductive status: Making the Big Decision: Making fawns! The gestation period for this species is a little under 7 months. Other does watch, and they, too, may […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Tim Anderson sends two bird pictures from Tumut, New South Wales, Australia. The first bird is a New Holland Honeyeater (Phylidonyris novaehollandiae) of the race longirostris on account of his elegant bill. The species is fairly common throughout southern coastal Australia. He also plays centre-back for the Geordies. [JAC: This is cryptic to me!] […]


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