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The heathen parts of Britain, and how Andrew Brown claims them for faith

There are some intriguing new interactive maps of the UK by DataShine that show you which cities of the country, and which parts of those cities, are most and least religious, and where in each place the various faiths are more common. The site is a bit slow today, but you can see places divided up not only […]

An accommodationist slide at the Evolution meetings

Reader Lynn sent me a tw**t that included a screenshot of somebody’s PowerPoint talk  photo of someone’s poster at the Evolution meetings in Raleigh, North Carolina. Here’s the tw**t from Alex Stewart: Unacceptable, indeed! Why? Here’s an enlargement of the relevant section: Okay, who are these miscreants? The good news is that scientists clearly recognize the woo-ish nature of Templeton, as well as its […]

Orthodox Church patriarch blesses a t.v. studio with a paint roller

This is funny, but also, I think, a good sign. According to the BBC, Patriarch Daniel of Romania’s Orthodox church has used a paint roller dipped in holy oil to bless a new broadcasting studio. The church, however, calls the roller a “sanctification rod”: The ceremony did not go unnoticed by Romania’s press and internet […]

The Adam-and-Eve war continues at Bryan College

To those who claim that there’s no incompatibility between science and religion, read this: Bryan College is a small, conservative Christian school in Dayton, Tennessee, deliberately placed in the town that hosted the 1925 Scopes Trial, and where the school’s namesake, William Jennings Bryan (who was one of those testifying against Scopes for teaching human evolution), […]

Surprise: Pope Francis believes in Satan and demons

Whenever someone claims that the Catholic Church is down with science because it accepts evolution, I remind them that: 1. The Church accepts theistic evolution, with human exceptionalism, so that humans are the unique species into whose lineage God inserted a soul. (And 23% of Catholics, defying their own faith in a more conservative direction, are young-earth […]

More atheist-bashing at Salon

Will Salon’s string of atheist-bashing pieces ever stop? This week’s is an excerpt of a new book by Amir D. Aczel, Why Science Doesn’t Disprove God—a book that’s gotten a fair amount of press on the Internet. Aczel is an Israeli-born writer and lecturer on science and mathematics who, now living in Boston, has written a […]

Ken Miller gets big Catholic prize

According to Karl Giberson, who wrote a piece about this at the Daily Beast (“Meet the Prizewinning Catholic creationists can’t stand”), biologist Kenneth Miller of Brown University has won a big prize bestowed by the Roman Catholic Church: At commencement on May 18, the University of Notre Dame will honor Miller with the 2014 Laetare […]

Salon jumps the shark, becomes official secular atheist-bashing site

I hereby declare the official editorial policy of Salon to involve atheist-bashing, especially in the form of  the “I-am-better-than-everyone” stance so effectively portrayed in this famous xkcd cartoon on atheists: And if a picture’s worth a thousand words, than the picture above is worth the 1,666 (!) words of Andrew O’Hehir’s new piece in Salon, “America: stupidly stuck between religion […]

Alan Sokal highlights the incompatibility of science and religion

As I noted recently, Massimo Pigliucci has left his Rationally Speaking website to found a new one: Scientia Salon, which will, it seems, host a greater diversity of authors. Alan Sokal has put up a new post (actually part 2 of 3) at Scientia Salon ; the title of the tripartite essay is “What is science […]

Theologian gets pwned by physicist in The Guardian

Reader Adrian sent me the following two links from the Guardian, which comprise a critical but humorous exchange between a theologian and a physicist (the humor is all on the physicist’s part). You already know who is going to win. The first “Comment is Free” piece is by Giles Fraser, described this way: Dr Giles Fraser […]


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