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Readers’ beefs and insults

Yesterday we had the encomiums; today we have the opprobrium. It’s that time again, although most of the unposted comments that have arrived the past two weeks have been full of invective, lacking the unintended humor that makes me chuckle. The third one below is one example.  But again I’ll give banned readers a chance to air […]

Accommodationism from a physicist

On his Scientific American website Cross-Check, John Horgan interviews Carlo Rovelli, a physicist well known for his work on quantum gravity. They cover a number of topics, including whether there will soon be a “theory of everything” (Rovelli says no), the role of philosophy in physics, and the compatibility of science and religion.  You can […]

Obama characterizes ISIS as “nihilistic” and “speaking for no religion”

You surely know of the brutal murder of captive American journalist James Foley by the Muslim extremist group ISIS (I’ll call them that, though it’s also known as IS as well as ISIL, as Obama calls it below).  Foley was kidnapped in November of 2012 and was held hostage until his murder a few days ago. Apparently his family received a […]

Templeton, heaven, and the media

In August of 2012 I wrote about the Templeton Foundation’s funding of an “Immortality Project,” in which a philosopher at the University of California at Riverside was given 5.1 million dollars to head a consortium of academics studying the afterlife, its ramifications, its possible existence, and its influence on people’s behavior. The studies also included Near Death Experiences […]

Weekly emails

Besides the usual rants from believers, I’ve received a number of rude or nasty personal emails this week, including a couple from Michael Robbins, who (after I criticized his Slate piece on the evils of New Atheism), continued to email me despite my asking him to stop. He needs to be treated for Maru’s Syndrome stat: the usual […]

Facebook on science vs. religion

I didn’t realize that there was a site called “Lamebook,” which publishes funny things people put on Facebook. (I’m assuming it’s real, since they redact the names.)  And by “funny,” I mean unintentionally funny. Given the fact that this is America, and people are constantly spewing their merest thoughts into the ether, there’s bound to […]

Gary Gutting interviews Michael Ruse and asks him why he coddles religion

Gary Gutting is a philosophy professor at the University of Notre Dame, and has been interviewing various academics about religion at his website The Stone at The New York Times. Interviewees have included Alvin “I Haz True Beliefs” Plantinga and my friend the philosopher Philip Kitcher. This week Gutting’s subject is the philosopher of science Michael Ruse, now at […]

A Christian scientist tells us why evolution and religion are compatible, but gets it all wrong

The John Templeton Foundation’s Big Questions website is chugging away at a slow pace after having been moribund for a while. And it’s still purveying the same brand of accommodationism. But in contrast to other websites, it’s said to pay its authors very well. Shame on those scientists who aren’t religious but still publish there! But the […]

The heathen parts of Britain, and how Andrew Brown claims them for faith

There are some intriguing new interactive maps of the UK by DataShine that show you which cities of the country, and which parts of those cities, are most and least religious, and where in each place the various faiths are more common. The site is a bit slow today, but you can see places divided up not only […]

An accommodationist slide at the Evolution meetings

Reader Lynn sent me a tw**t that included a screenshot of somebody’s PowerPoint talk  photo of someone’s poster at the Evolution meetings in Raleigh, North Carolina. Here’s the tw**t from Alex Stewart: Unacceptable, indeed! Why? Here’s an enlargement of the relevant section: Okay, who are these miscreants? The good news is that scientists clearly recognize the woo-ish nature of Templeton, as well as its […]


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