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Jonas Salk’s 100th birthday and the conquest of polio

I was still young when polio was a scourge of the world, and I well remember being terrified of getting the disease and having to spend my life in an iron lung, or walking with braces. The disease peaked in the summer, and we were always told to avoid public swimming pools, where you were supposed to […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Thanks to readers who sent me wildlife photos, the tank is topping up again. We have pix from two readers today; the first is a set of three from Ivar Husa. His notes: These pictures were taken on a ‘business trip’ to Florida this month. The trip resulted in photographs of close to 30 ‘life birds’ […]

Paradise enow

Greg Mayer sent me this photo with a note: “I like this room. Lots of books and a cat.” (Click to make real big.)  

Tuesday: Hili dialogue

Uh oh. Now that Cyrus has settled in and gotten over his illness, he’s feeling a bit randy. Hili assumes a weirdly religious role and absolves her d*g friend. Cyrus: I was looking lustfully at a bitch. Hili: Go and sin no more. In Polish: Cyrus: Patrzyłem pożądliwie na jedną suczkę. Hili: Idź i nie […]

It’s Dylan Thomas’s 100th birthday

How could I not realize that the several articles on Dylan Thomas that appeared over the last few days weren’t just a coincidence? In fact, they weren’t: had he lived, Thomas would be 100 years old today (and the day is already over in Wales). As it is, Thomas made it only to the age of 39, having drunk […]

“Tapestry” comes to life

Over at Colossal, they’ve put up gifs from a music video of Roy Kafri’s song “Mayokero” (don’t ask me who he is).  The video contains a bunch of famous albums that they’ve animated, but the best one is Carole King’s “Tapestry” which—and I hope you know this—has a tabby cat.  You should also know that “Tapestry” […]

Oh Lord—now Berkeley students want to ban a commencement address by Bill Maher

I always considered myself pretty much on the left politically. When the University of California at Berkeley had the Free Speech movement fracas back in the 1960s, in which students vehemently asserted their right to discuss political matters in public on campus, I was fully behind it. But somehow, now, I feel like the left is closing circles […]

Sofia: The Last Supper

On the night before I left Sofia, my friends Vassy and Lubo kindly invited me to their apartment for a home-cooked Bulgarian meal with four of their own friends. It was also a chance to see Toncho (short for Mark Antony, the Roman politician, and don’t ask me why), an 18-year-old Siamese cat who is famous […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Okay, I’m back and there are no wildlife photos in the queue, so go ahead and inundate me.  But remember, I want good photos, not blurry pictures of some rodent in the distance.  Today we have an experiment in long-distance photography by reader John Scanlon: it was an interesting experiment. The only camera I use these […]

Chicago: Sunrise

It was 23 hard hours of traveling for Professor Ceiling Cat yesterday, and all that after only three hours of sleep. He’s a tough moggie! But, when he awoke this morning, he saw a vision of Chicago, with the rising sun setting a few of the buildings aflame.


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