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Monday: Hili dialogue

And so begins another week, and in one more week I’ll be home. Meanwhile in Dobrzyn, Hili snoozes away the day. Cyrus: Are you asleep? Hili: Why do you ask? Cyrus: I would like to go for a walk. Hili: I’m asleep.  In Polish: Cyrus: Śpisz? Hili: Dlaczego pytasz? Cyrus: Poszedłbym na spacer. Hili: Śpię.

Proof of Flying Spaghetti Monster

This image of his Noodliness was found last night by reader Matt on an artichoke leaf. He says the photo was “not altered in any way”: ~  

An experiment: an open thread

My absence in Bulgaria, and inability to post so often, has prompted this experiment: a readers’ thread.  Feel free to post links or even videos that you think might start a conversation, and see if you can keep it going. Feel free to change the subject if you’ve talked one dry. Go!

The Big Nom in Sofia

The night before last, several people connected with the “Ratio” science event repaired to one of the two most famous “local cuisine” (i.e. Bulgarian) restaurants in Sofia: a place called “Under the Linden Tree,” which of course is nearly the name of a famous street in Berlin. Below you can see the restaurant from the outside after it […]

A tame hummingbird

This is a touching YouTube video showing a man and his semi-tame hummingbird. The YouTube notes give this information: João Silvestrini lives in barretos, Brazil. Has two hummingbird mother and child visiting your home. This video is 01/10/2014. João on message reports that this is the puppy, and makes one months that Mom hummingbird presented […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We have two sets of photos of red-tailed hawks (Buteo jamaicensis) from reader Stephen Barnard, and one photo of a moose and a d*g. His comments are indented: Two siblings and one with breakfast. It spooked, circled around, flew by, looked directly at me, and blinked with its nictitating membrane: Stephen also sent a photo […]

Sunday: Hili dialogue

I believe Hili is talking here about her bête noire Fitness, as Cyrus the d*g and Fitness encountered each other last week without rancor. Andrzej dreams of getting a picture of the black Fitness together amiably with the black Cyrus. Hili, of course, cannot abide Fitness, who lives upstairs with the lodger. Cyrus: See? There would be room for […]

Guest post: The relationship between Islam and female genital mutilation

Dr. Oliver Scott Curry works on the evolution of morality at the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology at Oxford. Just to check out Reza Aslan’s claim that female genital mutilation (FGM) was an African rather than an Islamic problem, Curry did a preliminary statistical analysis. As you’ll see below, his results (and he emphasizes again that they’re tentative […]

Noms in Bulgaria: Thursday dinner and Friday lunch

Dinner Thursday and lunch on Friday (during the tour that Vassi gave me) was a warmup for the Big Traditional Bulgarian Feed on Friday night; pictures of that will follow. Can you read Cyrillic? If so, you’ll recognize this ubquitous food item: Dinner Thurday, after I arrived: a white beer and gnocci with spinach, goat […]

Seven more cases of apparent plagiarism by C. J. Werleman

Yesterday I reported on the blogger Godless Spellchecker‘s report that the atheist journalist C. J. Werleman had apparently plagiarized some of his prose from at least half a dozen sources. Werleman’s purloined wording was, to my mind, quite blatant.  In response, Werleman first argued that he’d done nothing wrong: that he was just citing “facts” (which happened […]


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