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More news on Jerry Coyne the Cat

Gayle Ferguson, Rescuer of Jerry the Cat, has forwarded a report from Jerry’s new owners in Christchurch, New Zealand, complete with two pictures of the boy. Here’s the email that came from his forever home (I’ve omitted the names of Jerry’s staff lest someone be tempted to kidnap the cat): Was just thinking I should […]

Tips for atheists on Easter

Talk about haughtiness: this piece takes the cake. I guess that Easter brings out the self-styled superiority of Christians, for the Australian Broadcasting has published a pretty supercilious piece on its blog The Drum: “Top 10 tips for athiests this Easter.”  The author, John Dickson, is of course a believer—he’s described as “an author and historian, […]

Life in the slow lane: time-lapse video of corals and sponges

This video was on Daniel Stoupin’s Photography Blog (he made it), and gives us a nice biology break before today’s final Easter post, in which believers take the opportunity of this holiday to stomp on atheists. In the meantime, look at some wonderful marine animals in slow motion. Stroupin’s site has a nice long explanation of and rationale […]

More atheist-bashing at Salon

Will Salon’s string of atheist-bashing pieces ever stop? This week’s is an excerpt of a new book by Amir D. Aczel, Why Science Doesn’t Disprove God—a book that’s gotten a fair amount of press on the Internet. Aczel is an Israeli-born writer and lecturer on science and mathematics who, now living in Boston, has written a […]

Free godless book for Easter

As The Friendly Atheist announced a few days ago, Dan Riley’s 2012 book Generation Atheist is available free through today only in the Kindle version. You can obtain it here.  And here’s the precis from Amazon: The human journey is an emotional quest to find truth and meaning.  Countless books have presented this journey through the eyes […]

“That Jew Died for You”

Via reader Diane G. (who sent me the link with the comment “execrable vid,” we have this clip made by the Jews for Jesus—an organization whose name is roughly equivalent of “Lions for Broccoli.” The video shows Jesus as a Holocaust victim, sent to the gas chambers because he was a Jew. It was posted […]

The passion of the Christian

UPDATE: Within minutes of posting this, I received this post from “angelaflight”: What a disappointment. I chose your book for my home school book club on Evolution and it was my daughter’s favorite because you made the argument in favor of Evolution in a respectful, straightforward way, without all the anti-anybody mean-spirited negativity that one […]

Sunday: Hili dialogue

Hili has her Easter breakfast al fresco: Hili: We must arrange breakfasts like this for me besides the blooming magnolia more often! A: Hili, Easter is just once a year. Hili: Only for believers. In Polish: Hili: Musimy mi częściej urządzać takie śniadanie na murku przy kwitnącej magnolii.Ja: Hili, Wielkanoc jest tylko raz w roku.Hili: Tylko […]

David Bentley Hart tells us that God is bliss and consciousness, not to mention reality

A riled-up theologian, whom I shall neither name or link to, has written a diatribe about my remarks on David Bentley Hart’s book: The Experience of God: Being, Consciousness, Bliss.  This theologian says that I’ve completely misunderstood the book, which was, as Hart claimed, to distill the essence of God from all faiths, and not […]

New Jersey rejects atheist license plate, approves Baptist one

I wish this stuff would just stop happening, and that people would read the U.S. Constitution. On the other hand, if it did stop, what would I have to kvetch about. Thanks to several readers who sent various links to the story, which appears to be genuine. According to HuffPo, a New Jersey woman applied for an […]


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