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Finally, Dawkins converts people to Christianity

One of the staple criticisms of Richard Dawkins—the Official Lightning Rod of New Atheism™—is that his stridency turns people away from evolution as well as from atheism, so that he actually converts people into both creationists and, if they were originally nonbelievers, religionists. The former criticism is nonsense, of course. I’ve never in my life met someone […]

Making wols: Burrowing owls in flagrante delicto

Yes, more burrowing owls!  This photo is from reader John Chardine, reproduced with permission, and with his notes: I recently spent a couple of weeks in Florida photographing birds. I photographed this mating pair within a 100 meters or so of the Cape Coral Public Library. They seem to thrive in suburban areas in Florida. Copulations […]

Wednesday: Hili dialogue

Hili: This is a very beautiful bush. A: What are you trying to say by that? Hili: I cannot understand why there is not even one nest in it. A: Did you check? Hili: I’m checking every day. In Polish: Hili: To bardzo piękny krzak.Ja: Co chcesz przez to powiedzieć?Hili: Zupełnie nie rozumiem, dlaczego nie […]

Ken Miller gets big Catholic prize

According to Karl Giberson, who wrote a piece about this at the Daily Beast (“Meet the Prizewinning Catholic creationists can’t stand”), biologist Kenneth Miller of Brown University has won a big prize bestowed by the Roman Catholic Church: At commencement on May 18, the University of Notre Dame will honor Miller with the 2014 Laetare […]


A tw**t from The Worldwide Times. I assume the picture is authentic:   h/t: Grania

Salon jumps the shark, becomes official secular atheist-bashing site

I hereby declare the official editorial policy of Salon to involve atheist-bashing, especially in the form of  the “I-am-better-than-everyone” stance so effectively portrayed in this famous xkcd cartoon on atheists: And if a picture’s worth a thousand words, than the picture above is worth the 1,666 (!) words of Andrew O’Hehir’s new piece in Salon, “America: stupidly stuck between religion […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

One of my hosts at Davis, Luke Mahler, is a postdoc who specializes in evolutionary biology of reptiles. He’s been all over the world chasing these ectotherms, and has taken some crack photos. On the way to the airport for my return home, we stopped and looked for some burrowing owls (Athene cunicularia) in North […]

Tuesday: Hili dialogue

Hili: These flowers smell delicious. A: But they are made out of wood. Hili: Yes, but they were in the attic and they smell of mice. In Polish: Hili: Te kwiaty pięknie pachną.Ja: Przecież to są drewniane kwiaty.Hili: Tak, ale one leżały na strychu i pachną myszami.

Sony World Photography winners

Here’s another photography contest—this time the Sony World Photography Awards. The selection of photos below—the ones I like best—come from a post at Higher Learning.    Crossing the river es muy peligroso for wildebeest:          

Scientology’s dirty little secrets

From MobileMedia, the great-grandson of L. Ron Hubbard washes the family laundry in public: Jamie DeWolf seems like an ordinary man, except he has an extraordinary family tree. He’s the great-grandson of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. But he has a dirty little secret. At 1:47, I learn of the secret [JAC: It's […]


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