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The argument for Not God from the Empty Roll

More important, where is Diana MacPherson now? This situation would drive her insane: there’s no directionality! h/t:Su

Guest post: journalist Faye Flam tells scientists how to talk to reporters

UPDATE: If you have any questions you want to ask Faye about science reporting, especially on this topic, feel free to do so in the comments. She’ll drop by and answer some later. __________ I was recently talking to my friend Faye Flam, a science reporter, about how I’d just been interviewed by another science […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ the “no true Muslim” fallacy

Today’s Jesus and Mo is particularly relevant in view of our discussions (and the apologists’ denials) about whether ISIS represents “true” Islam.  That denial is bunk, of course: one can make a case that ISIS is one of the truer forms of Islam. Regardless, it’s certainly representing the principles of one form of Islam. The J&M cartoonist’s note says this: “Jesus […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We got your birds and your arthropods today. First, reader Mark Sturtevant has a sort of quiz: It turns out that for both of these photos your readers might enjoy answering the question: What is going on? This harvestman (possibly Leuronychus pacificus) has something stuck on its front leg. What is it? [Click to enlarge.] I crawled […]

My Old School & Bad Sneakers

The original Steely Dan, with Donald Fagan, Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, and Walter Becker, was moderately famous, but I contend it’s one of the best rock groups of all time: sui generis, with a unique mixture of jazz, rock, and other motifs. Although they’re in sad decline (Fagan’s lost that plaintive voice), I still revisit their […]

Wednesday: Hili dialogue

Hump day already?  Meanwhile, in Dobrzyn, Hili is using Cyrus as a watchdog. Could it be Fitness out there? Hili: There is something out there. Should I be afraid? Cyrus: I will go at once and check. In Polish: Hili: Tam coś jest. Czy ja mam się tego bać? Cyrus: Zaraz zobaczę.

Playful fox steals golf ball

Good news for you d*g lovers! Because I’ve conferred the status of Honorary Cats™ on foxes, we might, if you’re good, have a few fox videos this week.  Here’s the first: a playful young fox playing hob with someone’s golf ball h/t: Grania

NPR attacks “Spockian” atheists

Krista Tippett, the Martha Stewart of Spirituality, must be influencing her National Public Radio (NPR) colleagues, because they seem abnormally soft on religion. Rarely on that station do I hear anything critical of religion, or anything about atheism at all. So now we have someone who seems to be an atheist, Alva Noë (a professor of philosophy at […]

David Gelernter schools the free-speech cowards at Yale

From the National Review online—why must I always cite conservative sites in defense of free speech?—we have an angry but also humorous letter from Professor David Gelernter at Yale, addressed to the cowards who signed the letter protesting the appearance and “hate speech” of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. You’ve probably heard of Gelernter: he’s a polymath who does […]

Crybaby Catholics

I think today will be about religion, for that’s most of the articles I have. If there’s a religion that takes the silver medal in the “I’m Offended” category after Islam, it’s Catholicism. Who is a bigger religious crybaby than Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League, a man who had a public tantrum when the Empire […]


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