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Thursday: Hili Dialogue

I’m off to see the Pittsburgh, the wonderful Pittsburgh of PA. Posting may be light the next couple of days, but, like Maru, I do my best. Meanwhile, in Dobrzyn, Andrzej takes the mickey out of editor Hili: Hili: I’m delegating authority. A: For what? Hili: You take the decision about opening a can. A: […]

Hacker cat!

Have a roaming moggie? If you know how to hack, your cat can be your best friend. See how in this video:   h/t: redlivingblue

The Thinking Atheist’s book

Just a quick note: Seth Andrews, who hosts “The Thinking Atheist,” one of the best and most popular podcasts for the godless, wrote a book about his deconversion from evangelical Christianity to atheism.  I met Seth at the “Imagine No Religion” meeting in Kamloops; he was a great guy and gave a fascinating talk about how […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ family values

Today’s Jesus and Mo depicts the convergence of sharia law and right-wing Christianity:

I was prescient! Bill Nye and the Ark Park

Mike Greer, a retired Baptist minister, is a rarity: someone who seems to speak out about the abuses inflicted by people who claim to have God on their side. He writes for Religion Dispatches, but that doesn’t mean he’s soft on faith. You can see that in his new piece, “Did the ‘Science Guy’ Bill […]

Rutherford (and Cobb) on Rembrandt

by Matthew Cobb UK readers might want to watch the third episode of Adam Rutherford’s new BBC TV series, The Beauty of Anatomy, which is on tonight, Wednesday 27th, at 20:30 on BBC4 (I’m afraid it clashes with the Great British Bakeoff if you’re into that). Adam’s 5-part series traces the history of anatomy through […]

Yikes! Keep those spare bedroom windows *shut*

by Matthew Cobb This just popped up in my Tw*tter feed, and was in this morning’s Daily Telegraph. A couple in Winchester, England, had not been in their spare bedroom for several months. What they did not realise is that they had left the bedroom window open. In the intervening period, a wasp queen had […]

Four new see-through frogs from Peru

Have a look at this puppy*; isn’t it gorgeous? *Yes, I know it’s not a dog, for crying out loud! It’s a glass frog from Peru, one of four newly-discovered species described in a new paper in Zootaxa by Evan Twomey  et al. (reference and link below, but you’ll get only the abstract, and would have […]

Wednesday: Reader’s wildlife photos

Reader Jente Ottenburghs, who studies biology in the Netherlands, sent some photos taken in Tanzania and a note: In April I went to Tanzania for a two-week birding trip. Because it was low-season, it was very quiet on the savannah, in terms of jeeps. But it is the best time for bird watching. During the trip, […]

Wednesday: Hili dialogue

I’m afraid that Hili’s recent philosophical leaning was a flash in the pan (or bowl): Hili: I wonder… A: What about? Hili: Are there 3D printers that can print cat food yet? In Polish: Hili: Zastanawiam się… Ja: Nad czym? Hili: Czy są już drukarki 3D drukujące pokarm dla kotów?


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