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Scientology’s dirty little secrets

From MobileMedia, the great-grandson of L. Ron Hubbard washes the family laundry in public: Jamie DeWolf seems like an ordinary man, except he has an extraordinary family tree. He’s the great-grandson of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. But he has a dirty little secret. At 1:47, I learn of the secret [JAC: It's […]

Ross Douthat and David Bentley Hart tell us how to find religious truth

One would think that Ross Douthat would have liked Barbara Ehrenreich’s recent New York Times piece describing a “numinous” experience she had when younger—an experience that could have been due to fatigue and hypoglycemia. From that she suggested that there may be something truly mysterious in the universe: another form of consciousness, perhaps something beyond materialism. But […]

Monday: Hili dialogue

Hili is late this morning as the University email was down until just now. But better late than never. . . Hili: Your desk is a tragic mess. A: I need all those papers. Hili: Nonsense, a pillow would be enough. In Poilsh: Hili: Masz rozpaczliwy bałagan na twoim biurku.Ja: Te wszystkie papiery są mi […]

The New Scientist goes Templeton

This issue isn’t yet available through my library’s e-journal site, and it may not be an issue at all but a special collection, one dealing with “The Big Questions” Sound familiar? That’s because it’s the John Templeton Foundation’s main theme:   New Scientist’s “Big Questions”, as touted on one site, includes the following: The Big Questions The […]

Holiday snaps: Davis (mostly noms)

Posting will be light today as I must catch up after my return to cold, rainy Chicago. Here are few of my holiday snaps (no work snaps) from Davis: Flying over the Sierra Nevada: . . and into California’s Great Central Valley, almost all farmland First meal out in Davis: lunch at Redrum Burger. Once […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Two more from Stephen Barnard in Idaho. The pair of bald eagles he’s watching has finally produced an eaglet. Here’s the first picture of the female feeding it! I asked if there were likely to be more eaglets, and Barnard replied that it was likely, since the pair had raised five chicks in the last […]

For those of a certain age

If you don’t get it, go here.   ~*~

Invasion of the Giant Squirrel!

Richard Wiseman posted this wonderful photograph over on his blog . Can any reader tell us how was it done? H/t to Adrian

Humpback whale, entangled in net, saved with a pocket knife

This amazing video shows the rescue of a humpback whale, entangled in a gill net, freed by snorkelers and sailors armed only pocket knives. It took place in the Sea of Cortez in 2011. This is human empathy at its finest. After it was freed, the whale, as you’ll see, breached 40 times, accompanying the spectacle with fin and […]

Bill introduced in California to prohibit using killer whales for entertainment

Another young girl is trying to introduce legislation to outlaw using animals as lucrative entertainment. Like the girl who promoted the state fossil in South Carolina, she is acting far more maturely than her elders, including the lawmakers. According to yesterday’s Malibu Times, a fifth grader (i.e., about 11 years old)  is trying to stop the use of killer whales […]


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