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Muslims condemn ISIS

Since I’ve beefed repeatedly about Muslims remaining silent about the malevolence of Islamic extremists, it’s only fair of me to point out (thanks to reader Ryan) that 126 Muslim scholars, imams, muftis, and other authorities have signed a letter condemning ISIS (pdf file at the link). Good for them, and I hope they suffer no […]

It’s National Cat Day!

As reader Linda Grilli informs me, today, October 29, is National Cat Day. By “national,” I assume they mean “U.S.” or even “North American.” Also, it’s described in a kitty-litter site, so I thought it might be bogus. But that repository of everything true, Wikipedia, verifies that every October 29 is National Cat Day: The National […]

Pope Francis gives evolution the thumbs up, but still avows creationism

A famous anecdote from 19th century New England involves Margaret Fuller, an early feminist and ardent exponent of the spiritual movement of transcendentalism. Besotted by her emotions, she once blurted out, “I accept the universe!”  When he heard of this, the Scottish philosopher Thomas Carlyle remarked dryly, “Gad—she’d better.” While the story may be apocryphal, […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

I don’t feel at ease without a backlog of readers’ photos, and it’s fun to choose which ones I’ll show each morning. Today I’m in a bird mood, which is good because birds are pretty much what everyone sends! Our morning selection is a panoply of nice photos from reader Ed Kroc, who sends the information below: […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Halloween

In today’s Jesus and Mo, I’m not sure whether the The Holy Boys are hiding out because it’s a pagan holiday, or just because they’re just too cheap to buy candy: Protip for kids: Go to the rich neighborhoods: they give out better candy. When I was a kids, sometimes they’d give out entire candy […]

Wednesday: Hili dialogue

Hump Day!  Meanwhile, in Dobrzyn, the Princess has found a new bed. A: Are you going shopping with me? Hili: No, you’ll have to take another bag. In Polish: Ja: Wybierasz się ze mną na zakupy? Hili: Nie, weźmiesz sobie inną torbę.  

Goodbye, Allman Brothers

One of the best bands in rock history, and the greatest “southern rock” group ever, is playing its last gig tonight at the Beacon Theater in New York City. Although individual members of the band may continue to play (I find it hard to imagine that Greg Allman will ever hang it up, for what would […]

German fans help an ailing football club

Lord, soccer fans can be cruel to their own clubs. This video showing such behavior was sent by Matthew Cobb, who noted: In 2012, FC Magdeburg had gone 5 games without scoring, so the fans decided to help their strikers. How embarrassing this must have been for the team. And, even with this help, Magdeburg […]

Starlings take a bath, in slo-mo

All of us, I bet, have seen a bird take a bath, be it in water or dust. And what we see is a quick blur of feathers surrounded by flying dust or splashing water. What happens when you slow the action down? Earth Unplugged used extremely slow motion to film a starling taking a […]

Reza Aslan denies that religious belief produces violence, misrepresents Sam Harris again

Reza Aslan is enjoying a spurt of fame (I’d call it notoriety) since the altercation between Sam Harris + Bill Maher vs Ben Affleck on Maher’s show. Always a Muslim apologist, who can’t even admit that Muslims believe that Muhammad deflowered a 9-year-old girl, Aslan has become the Karen Armstrong of Islam. In an op-ed on CNN, […]


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