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Seven more cases of apparent plagiarism by C. J. Werleman

Yesterday I reported on the blogger Godless Spellchecker‘s report that the atheist journalist C. J. Werleman had apparently plagiarized some of his prose from at least half a dozen sources. Werleman’s purloined wording was, to my mind, quite blatant.  In response, Werleman first argued that he’d done nothing wrong: that he was just citing “facts” (which happened […]

Caturday felids trifecta: The cats of Sofia; Swiss try to pass one-cat-per-house rule; Cat fights washing machine

Three items today, just so I don’t miss a Caturday. But I’m in a rush, as I’m speaking at the Ratio conference this afternoon. So let us hasten to the felids: I’ve seen two live street cats in Sofia, but they were moving too fast to either pet or photograph. Fortunately, the Bulgarians love cats, […]

Saturday: Hili dialogue

I hate to say this, but Hili is still talking about herself as if she’s a god! As if Andrzej is not another being, but a convenient pillow. But somehow I don’t think Andrzej minds. (I’m dubious about this “spiritual” stuff, though!) Hili: I am a blissful, spiritual being. A: I can hear that. You haven’t […]

Snagglepuss the cat and Bubbles the baby rabbit

by Matthew Cobb This was posted on YouTube way back in the days of steam-powered black and white TV (like in, ooh, 2009). So Bubbles will now be a big rabbit. It garnered about 15,000 hits, at a time when that was LOTS. [EDIT: I have now traced it back to 2008 on a dead […]

Is there any hope for this kid?

h/t: Michael ~

Baby rhino tries to impress mom with its courage

A baby rhino goes for a car but then backs off:   ~

Football sucks

I cannot abide football, for it’s brutal and the action occupies just a few minutes of a one hour-game (which often lasts 2.5 hours or more with time-outs, half-time, and commercials. Reader Diane G. called my attention to a piece in the Wall Street Journal, which, although four years old, surely applies today. It shows […]

Heather Hastie continues her critique of Reza Aslan

Over at her website Heather’s Homilies, Kiwi reader Heather Hastie continues her critique of Reza Aslan’s Muslim apologetics with a second part: “It’s not the facts, it’s how you present them: The Reza Aslan tactic.” As before, go read it (and comment) on her site, where Muslim apologist Neal “It’s Not Religion” Godfrey has given some ineffectual pushback in […]

C. J. Werleman accused of plagiarism

C. J. Werleman (b. 1973, Wikipedia bio here) is a writer, commentator, and atheist who has lately used the pages of Salon to attack Richard Dawkins, Bill Maher, and Sam Harris for Islamophobia, misogyny, and other sins. These old privileged white males (Sam has been accused recently of “aging”) apparently don’t understand, as Werleman does, that the perfidies […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

I have received some readers’ wildlife photos, but posting them may be slow, as will be all posting when I’m in Bulgaria. I do my best. From reader James Billie: Here are some  of our local friends catching the last warmth of fall.  Taken yesterday, 15-Oct. And from reader David:  Please find attached pic of an […]


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