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Honey badgers are awesome

We all know that honey badgers (Mellivora capensis) are badass mammals, but I bet you didn’t know that they’re really clever, too. This short clip from a longer BBC program details the many ways that one captive honey badger contrived to escape from his enclosure: The badger seems to be named something like “Stoffel,” but perhaps an alert […]

Incensed secularists pile on David Cameron for saying that Britain is a Christian nation

Four days ago I described a Torygraph piece recounting Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent spate of pro-religious remarks, including these: The prime minister’s religious messages began last week with an Easter reception at Downing Street, at which he said religion had brought him his greatest moments of peace and claimed “Jesus invented the big society 2,000 years […]

Insurgents in eastern Ukraine are likely Russian military and intelligence forces

My prediction that Russia will invade eastern Ukraine is coming true. Or so the New York Times reports, which some readers misguidedly see as an anti-Russian tool of the U.S. government. Read for yourself, and have a look at the pictures. After all, it’s evidence. From the Times: For two weeks, the mysteriously well-armed, professional gunmen […]

Atheism of the gaps

I’ve realized that what religious people and faitheists have been doing to atheists lately is putting us on the defensive: insisting that we read this or that book; we answer this or that argument—and if we don’t, well, then they won’t pay us any attention. (As if they would anyway!) And I also realized that […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We have two contributors today, both with lovely bird photos for show and tell. First is Stephen Barnard, who sent two photos and his comments—made while tugging on his tie. Click to enlarge: The eagles regard me as irrelevant. I get no respect. No respect at all, I’m telling ya. The ripples in the water are […]

Helpless Coyote

I was going to say that another dreary week has begun, but the temperatures will be in the mid-70s (F) here today, and I didn’t wear a jacket to work for the first time this year. Still, many tasks remain on the road to the Big Nap. To cheer myself up, here are two wonderful cuts […]

Monday: Hili dialogue

I must admit that I was one of those concerned people . . . Hili: With a blooming tree as a background I should look good. A: Some people claim that you are a bit plump. Hili: Which is the evidence of my wellbeing. In Polish: Hili: Z kwitnącą czereśnią w tle powinnam wyglądać korzystnie. Ja: Niektórzy […]

More news on Jerry Coyne the Cat

Gayle Ferguson, Rescuer of Jerry the Cat, has forwarded a report from Jerry’s new owners in Christchurch, New Zealand, complete with two pictures of the boy. Here’s the email that came from his forever home (I’ve omitted the names of Jerry’s staff lest someone be tempted to kidnap the cat): Was just thinking I should […]

Tips for atheists on Easter

Talk about haughtiness: this piece takes the cake. I guess that Easter brings out the self-styled superiority of Christians, for the Australian Broadcasting has published a pretty supercilious piece on its blog The Drum: “Top 10 tips for athiests this Easter.”  The author, John Dickson, is of course a believer—he’s described as “an author and historian, […]

Life in the slow lane: time-lapse video of corals and sponges

This video was on Daniel Stoupin’s Photography Blog (he made it), and gives us a nice biology break before today’s final Easter post, in which believers take the opportunity of this holiday to stomp on atheists. In the meantime, look at some wonderful marine animals in slow motion. Stroupin’s site has a nice long explanation of and rationale […]


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