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Religious abuse of children

UPDATE: Reader Mark Sturtevant noted that some of the circumstances surrounding this video are described here, which also shows some other videos. He comments in the thread below. __________ RememberTheTime99 has a series of videos about religious people indoctrinating their kids in faith; this short one (8.5 minutes long) was published on Friday shows a […]

Believer Michael Robbins exhibits Maru’s Syndrome on The Dish

On July 9 I wrote a bit about poet Michael Robbins’s review, in Slate, of Nick Spencer’s book Atheists, the Origin of the Species, a book that has pretty much tanked on Amazon. As he has done before, Robbins didn’t really review the book but, in an essay called Know Nothing” (subtitled “The true history of atheism”), used […]

Dobrzyn: Saturday

It rained last night (once again delaying the final cherry-picking) but Hili was outside. She finally showed up, announcing her presence, as always, by jumping on the window ledge outside the living room. One would think that you could just open the front door and call her in, but that’s not the way it works with […]

Caturday felid quadrafecta: Update on rescued Chinese kittens, cat wants something really bad, and kittens attack reflections and ceramic kittens

As far as I know, there’s no quadrafecta in horse racingl but you, lucky readers, get four items today. Three videos first: A fluffy orange kitten sees its reflection for the first time, mistakes it for another cat, and charges, with dire results: ******** Kitten attacks ceramic kitten: ******** And another awesome Russian cat video.  This […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

We have a single photo today, but it’s a nice one: a female black-chinned hummingbird (Archilochus alexandri), photographed in Idaho by reader Stephen Barnard. Look at those miniscule feet! Here’s its range map (they’re migratory, and winter in Mexico):   And some fun black-chinned hummingbird facts, from the Cornell Ornithology site (my emphasis): The Black-chinned Hummingbird’s tongue […]

Saturday: Hili dialogue

Things are not going well on the Cyrus/Fitness front. Cyrus: Would you be my friend? Fitness: I can’t. Hili would be jealous and this could cause further deterioration in an already difficult relationship. In Polish: Cyrus: Czy możesz się ze mną zaprzyjaźnić? Fitness: Nie mogę, Hili byłaby zazdrosna, a to mogłoby spowodować dalsze pogorszenie i […]

Shirley and Jenny: An elephant never forgets

The work week is nearly over here, though not in the States. And, as usual, I like to end with something to palliate the stress and distress of the week. (I hope you didn’t have much.) I don’t know anything about this video (from 2011) except that it’s gotten over 6 million hits and it’s […]

RIP Elijah, famous bourbon-distillery cat

Via reader Kurt and (the site of the Lexington Herald-Leader), I am saddened to hear of the passing of Elijah, the resident cat and mouser at the Woodford Reserve Distillery. Elijah died on June 30 and was at least 20 years old (the age was unspecified, but he’d been at the distillery for two decades). Woodford Reserve happens to […]

HUGE aquatic insect reported (and other big bugs)

Yes, yes, I know that true bugs are only from the order Hemiptera, but I’m using “bugs” in the vernacular, as “insects.” Scientific American reports, in an article by Bec Crew, the discovery of the world’s largest aquatic insect. Well, it’s the world’s largest known aquatic insect. Images have surfaced of a newly discovered insect reported to be […]

The news: the good, the woo, and the quackery

Thanks to several readers, I’m kept up on the latest news about religion, cats, woo, and so on.  I’ve collected three items here, which I’ll describe briefly (you can read more at the links). I could post them separately, but that’s an unconscionable division of posts, and I’m also tired. BBC Africa reports some good […]


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