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What science achieved in 2014

by Grania Writers at io9 have collected some of the big breakthroughs in science this year. Among their picks were Enceladus’ hidden ocean, the artificially expanded genetic alphabet, new burial mounds found at Stonehenge, a really big dinosaur named Dreadnoughtus Schrani,  womb transplants (oh, thank goodness!) and the supercluster Laniakea, although you should also read Ethan Siegel’s article about […]

Sunday: Hili dialogue

Today Hili is in her role as editor in chief, or perhaps she is falling into apotheosis. Either way, any Sunday that includes a four-footed friend to cuddle is a good Sunday. A: Do you think you are making my work any easier? Hili: Yes, in a sense, I make it possible for you to […]

The end of the rhino

by Greg Mayer The five living species of rhino, along with the several species of tapir and horse (which include the zebras and asses), are members of the great mammalian order of odd-toed ungulates, or Perissodactyla. Perissodactyls were formerly much more species rich; today, most ungulates (hoofed mammals) are even-toed, members of the Artiodactyla, which […]

Dare pondus idonea fumo

by Grania Here’s a drive-by editorial submission to the Atheist Ten Commandments list by “It is”. Seeing as the original No. 4 was about a person’s right of control over their own body, I’m not sure how the unborn is supposed to exercise this control, particularly during the time before it actually has a brain capable of […]


by Grania Live Science features the work of artist Greg Dunne who also has a Ph.D. in neuroscience. He paints neurons and brain stems in the style of Asian art and they’re quite beautiful. He uses various techniques, from ink-blowing to micro-etching. It’s for sale, and you can find out more about his art and […]

Woo, quackery and pseudoscience, oh my…

by Grania This is a poster from 2012 that is doing the rounds on Facebook again, and I hadn’t seen it before so I am glad it’s resurfaced. It has several familiar faces, who sadly still ply their trade in bamboozling the credulous and the desperate for profit and fame, although Burzynski’s career is is […]

The Atheist Ten Commandments

by Grania CNN has a piece on a contest run on the Atheist Heart, Humanist Mind site where atheists were asked to submit modern alternatives to the original set in Exodus and Deuteronomy. CNN opines: There’s nary a “thou shalt” among them — nothing specifically about murder, stealing or adultery, although there is a version of […]

Caturday felids: Atheist cat gets Edinburgh University library card, Maru gets into too small box, stray tabby noms $1000 worth of fish in Russian airport deli

[Jerry takes Caturday very seriously, and in anticipation of his Great Dearth of Internet, prepared this ahead of time – Grania] Well, over the years we’ve had cats issued with bus passes, cats made Honorary Stationmasters at Japanese railroads, and now, from Scotland, we have a cat issued with his own library card. Here’s the official […]

Saturday: Hili Dialogue

Good morning, and Happy Saturday to you. If you still have gifts to buy, now is probably the time to get out there and do it, (oh, the horror!) but right now you can make yourself a cup of tea or a pot of coffee and consider the plaint of Hili, who is less philosophical […]

All roads lead to WEIT

by Grania I took a peek at the search terms logged for WEIT. The internet is a strange place. Some are what you would expect: why cats like to be petted – It is their rightful tribute. whyevutionistriue.coom – well, you can see what they were aiming for owlidays – this should definitely be a […]


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