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Monday: Dobrzyn

These pictures are mostly from today; our visitors have gone and we’ve settled into the routine of working, sleeping, and nomming. The apple trees are heavily laden, but nobody wants them, for we are too glutted with cherries. The cherry harvest also finished this afternoon, and I wandered through the orchard, desperate to see if […]

Kentucky about to give tax breaks to Ark Park

. . . and tax breaks for this execrable exhibit, which presents the Ark as fact, are the same as taxpayers’ funding of the park. A new alert from the Freedom from Religion Foundation says this: The Kentucky Tourism Development Finance Authority is expected to give approval tomorrow (Tuesday, July 29) of major tax incentives […]

Catholicism and theistic evolution

Below is part of a short post called “What does the Catholic Church teach about evolution,” appearing on The Catholic Difference, produced by the Parish of St. James in Hopewell, Virginia—very close to where I went to school in Williamsburg. This is pretty much official Catholic doctrine as I understand it. The emphasis in the second paragraph […]

Sam Harris on the Israel/Palestine conflict

If there are two hot-button topics in the liberal atheist community, they would be Sam Harris and Israel. For reasons I have yet to fathom, Sam evokes an extraordinary amount of rancor among atheists. I’m not sure why, but sometimes I think that some Harris-haters resent his goal of making them think about hard questions. (Really, is […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

You may or may not know that Steve Pinker is an avid photographer (where does he get the time?), and he’s proffered some of his photos for display on this site. They come in five categories: primates, reptiles, cats, birds, and herbivorous mammals. I’ll show one of each, but there are several in each category, so […]

Monday: Hili dialogue

A tired boy is kissed by a tired cat: Jerry: I like you immensely. Hili: The same here. In Polish: Jerry: Ogromnie cię lubię. Hili: Ja ciebie też.   But of course I suspect she likes me only for the noms. . .

The best job in the world

Juhi Agrawal has a number of posts of her interactions with large cats while she was working at The Cheetah Experience, a rescue, breeding, and rehabilitation center in Bleomfontein in South Africa.  Just the other day we saw her being pounced on by Parda, a black leopard who was much taken with her. Here she is […]

A nest of loggerhead turtles hatch, babies head to sea

I’ve seen mother sea turtles laying their eggs on the beach (in Costa Rica), but I’ve never seen them hatch. Here’s a great short video of 100 baby loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta) hatching in the Florida Keys. The explanation is below; I always wondered how they knew where the water was: Using infrared lighting, a […]

A new feathered dinosaur suggests that most dinosaurs had feathers

What better evidence that birds arose from dinosaurian reptiles than the discovery of a fossil with both scales and feathers? Further, the fossil comes from the right time period: after reptiles had already evolved but before we see modern flying birds with fully-developed feathers. Of course, we already knew that birds are the only living descendants of dinosaurs—some […]

Readers’ beefs of the week

There were a lot of angry and critical attempts to post this week; this is only a small selection. But my epidermis is thick, and sloughs them off. Reader “William” comments on “The Jesus Delusion” (about Don McLeroy and his claim of 500 witnesses to the Resurrection). The poor scoffers will never be able to explain away […]


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