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A tale of two crows

A famous puzzle about classifying animals involves the abutting distributions of the hooded crow and the carrion crow in Europe. The two crows are considered members of different species, Corvus cornix and Corvus corone, respectively, and have been classified that way because they not only have different color patterns, but tend to mate with others of like pattern, […]

Another U.S. execution botched

Here we get conflicting statements from the state of Arizona vs. the executed man’s lawyer and a witness who reported in the Guardian. Joseph Wood III, convicted of executing his estranged girlfriend and her father, was put to death yesterday in Arizona by lethal injection. The procedure normally takes ten minutes. This one took nearly […]

Thursday: Dobrzyn

Yesterday was a quiet day in Dobrzyn: working, eating, making cherry jam and pie, and napping. It rained much of the day, fortunately after the day’s cherry harvest was done. There is one more day’s picking left, but they want to wait until the fruit dries off.  We also lost power (and thus internet) several […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Reader Charlie Jones from the University of Pittsburgh sent several pictures of a gorgeous Cecropia “silkmoth” (Hyalophora cecropia), first described and named by Linnaeus. Charlie’s notes: These were taken in June 2008 just northwest of Cody, Wyoming, in Sunlight Valley (part of the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone canyon). I particularly like the last photo that shows what a […]

Hili dialogue: Thursday

Yesterday Hili got fusses from Kaja: Kaja: Hili, tell me, what’s your philosophy? Hili: It’s Stoicismus interruptus. in Polish: Kaja: Hili, powiedz mi, jaką ty masz filozofię? Hili: Stoicyzm przerywany.  

Fox noms, damages, and absconds with GoPro camera

This video shows two things: 1. These cameras are pretty indestructible. 2. This fox’s teeth are in good shape. The backstory from GrindTV: You could say that Jonathan VanBallenberghe was outfoxed by the critter he was trying to videotape recently during an expedition to Round Island, Alaska. VanBallenberghe was part of a group from the University […]

Afghani mullah rapes ten-year-old girl; family wants to kill her

There is no explicit statement in the Qur’an (I don’t know about the hadith) urging or sanctioning “honor killings,” but it’s now become a feature of Islamic culture, and has been justified on religious grounds (in Jordan, attempts to strengthen laws against honor killing were opposed and turned back by Muslim leaders for religious reasons). Virtually every case […]

Wednesday: Dobrzyn

These are, as usual, photographs from yesterday, a day that started with a glass of fresh cherry juice and a cuddle with the Feline Princess of Poland.  Oh, Poland were paradise enow! (Click pictures to enlarge.) A selfie:   I was interviewed  in the garden by Kaja Bryx and her partner Jacek Tabisz, who work with the […]

Reader’s wildlife photographs

We have two readers contributing today. First, Mark Sturtevant sent an email headed “Picture of HUGE INSECTS,” and indeed it was! His notes: Here is a picture of some Cecropia moth larvae that I had raised a few years back. The Cecropia moth (Hyalophora cecropia) is the largest native moth in North America, with wing […]

Wednesday: Hili dialogue

A rare situation: Cyrus is in the garden by himself (with Hili), while his humans remain on the porch, This gives him some anxiety and a need for reassurance. Hili, however, reacts differently! Hili: We have the garden all to ourselves. Cyrus: They won’t disappear, will they? Hili: Don’t worry. You can easily ignore them. In Polish: […]


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