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Back-to-school boots

It is acceptable to wear cowboy boots after Labor Day, et voilà—a new pair. These have been identified by experts as having been made by the famous bootmaker Carlos Hernandez, who worked for the Martin Boots store in Austin (they have an “MB” logo stamped inside), as well as for some other well known outfits like Lucchese […]

Tuesday: Hili dialogue

Today’s dialogue again has a title: A selfie Hili: What? But that’s me, gnawing on your polar fleece. A: Yes, my selfies always look like that. In Polish: Hili: Przecież to ja, jak obgryzam twój polar. Ja: Tak, moje selfie zawsze tak wychodzą.  

Cat with head-mounted laser

by Matthew Cobb We’ve debated the ethics of playing with cats (and other animals) using laser pointers a number of times (e.g. here). This cat’s staff has fitted it up with a head-mounted laser. So at least kitty won’t get his eyes fried. Still not sure it’s the Right Thing to do though. However, I […]

Spot the tawny frogmouths

Yes, there are two of them here. From Frans de Waal’s public Facebook photos, via reader Steve. There are two birds here: a remarkable example of camouflage: This species (Podargus strigoides), a denizen of Australia and Tasmania, is famous for camouflaging itself and closing its eyes. As Wikipedia notes: One of the best examples of […]

A Jehovah’s Witness criticizes me for criticizing their policy on blood transfusions

In my talk on the incompatibility of science and religion, I gave a “worst-case” scenarios of the harm inflicted by choosing religion over science. I’ve written about this before, so won’t belabor it here, but it involves the denial of medical care to sick or injured children on religious grounds.  In most (48/50) U.S., states, parents […]

Daniel Fincke: morality is objective

Several of the talks at the Pittsburgh Atheist/Humanist meetings were excellent, and I hope to have time later to discuss one or two more. But first I want to say a few things about Daniel Fincke’s talk, titled “Empowerment Ethics.”  Daniel (I don’t know if he goes by “Dan”), as you may know, is a […]

Once there were billions

JAC: Yesterday I mentioned that today is an anniversary of note. I forgot that it was the 75th anniversary of the invasion of Poland by the Germans, and thus the beginning of World War II. But it’s also a biological anniversary, and Greg has volunteered to tell us about that one: by Greg Mayer Exactly […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We’ll start with three raptor photos from Stephen Barnard in Idaho, and then proceed to the cats. First we have a Swainson’s hawk (Buteo swainsoni): Then a red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis): And a Northern Harrier (Circus cyaneus): Reader John sent some cheetah photos and notes (indented): Following your recent call for photographs I decided to dig out […]

Monday: Hili dialogue

Meanwhile in Dobrzyn, the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled.  This is one of the rare dialogues with a title, which is “Panta rhei,” a statement by Heraclitus what is identical to Hili’s first line: Hili: Everything flows. Cyrus: This sofa is stable. Hili: But the personnel changes. In Polish: Hili: Wszystko płynie. Cyrus: Sofa jest […]

A tw**t

Well, I’m in a hotel with cable t.v., and I have a choice of watching one of elebenty gazillion channels or reading Carol Tavris and Eliot Aronson’s book Mistakes Were Made (but not by me), about people’s failure to recognize their biases and the ways they resolve cognitive dissonance. I’m halfway through it and it’s very good: a PCC […]


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