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Cat eats a lollipop

I’m off again to the Rugby Scrum, otherwise known as the Indian consulate. To end the day, we must again have a cat, this one nomming some candy. The affinity of this cat for a lollipop (we Americans call them “suckers”) is mysterious to me, because, as you all should know, cats have no sweet receptors […]

Have a Scientology Christmas!

It’s time to start thinking about those worthies who deserve a little something for the holidays. How about an e-meter? Or a leather-bound collection of L. Ron Hubbard’s works? Yes, if you have some spare change (a lot of spare change!), you’ll find all that and more at the interactive Dianetics and Scientology 2014 Holiday Catalogue. […]


I am under no illusions about how the faithful will regard this.  

Reza Aslan promotes himself, demonizes atheists, and exaggerates his credentials

Once again Heather Hastie, at her website Heather’s Homilies, has saved me from the wearisome task of writing about Reza Aslan.  Her latest post takes apart Aslan’s recent article in Salon, “Reza Aslan: Sam Harris and ‘New Atheists’ aren’t new, aren’t even atheists.” Read Aslan’s post if you can stand it, and then Heather’s, as Heather […]

Michael Nugent kicks butt on miracles

Here are two clips from a recent debate in Ireland on miracles, especially the so-called “miracle cures” that supposedly occur at Lourdes, France and similar shrines. On a panel of faitheists, priests, and advocates of the divine, Michael Nugent, head of Atheist Ireland, holds his own against the existence of miracles in an intellectually hostile but […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Keep ‘em coming in, folks: I’m not happy without a good cushion of photographs on my laptop.  Today we have a selection of “backyard wildlife,” reminding us that we too often neglect the beautiful animals that surround us, with custom having staled their infinite variety. So here are some animals you can find in U.S. towns. […]

Tuesday: Hili dialogue

Justyna has come to visit, and has a chinwag with the Furry Princess of Poland: Hili: Are you domesticated as well? Justyna: Here? On this sofa? Very much so. In Polish: Hili: Czy ty też jesteś udomowiona? Justyna: Na tej sofie? Bardzo.

The conehead mantis

I had no idea this creature existed, so it’s a bit of a thrill to see it for the first time. The photo below shows two specimens of the conehead mantis, Empusa pennata, endemic to southern Europe and Turkey. This lovely photograph is from Project Noah. The blobs on the branch are part of the plant, not the insect’s legs. […]

Art imitates life: Babylon 5 and Karen Armstrong

Reader Grania sent me a clip from the television show Babylon 5 (I didn’t know of that show, of course) as well as an explanation of the similarities between the clip (below) and the logorrhea of Karen Armstrong. Her explanation: It reminds me of Babylon 5 again. I’ve mentioned this scene before. A terrorist-rebel turned peace-maker tries […]

Our god vs. theirs

A New Yorker cartoon tw**ted by Massimo Pigliucci. Remind you of a certain Monty Python skit?


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