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Science proves that consecrated wafers are still wheat and not Jesus

I don’t know much about the Raëlian Movement, but what I’ve learned suggests that Raelians are plenty weird. Their faith is based on Earth’s life having been created by space aliens, so they’re creationists, and they have all kinds of strange views, including a form of baptism that alters your genetic makeup but prepares you for your […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We begin today’s installment with a photo of domestic cats (Felis catus), but special ones. The first photo below sent to me by Bengal breeder Anthony Hutchinson, who threatens to deluge me with photos of Bengals until I adopt one or more of his. (Believe me, I don’t see that as a threat!). I know I need […]

The good news and the bad news

From my CNN News feed: Apple CEO Tim Cook today announced that he is gay in a column in Bloomberg Businessweek. “Let me be clear: I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me,” he wrote. Why did he have to mess it up with that […]

Thursday: Hili dialogue

Hili: What is she doing to that sausage? Cyrus: We have to stop her somehow. In Polish Hili: Co ona robi z tą kiełbasą? Cyrus: Musimy ją jakoś zatrzymać.

Piece of Amelia Earhart’s plane found (probably)

According to Discovery News and other sources, a piece of metal recovered in 1991 on an uninhabited Pacific atoll has now been identified (with high probability) as having been part of Amelia Earhart’s plane when she and her copilot went missing during their around-the-world flight in 1937.  Back in mid 2012, I gave some evidence […]

Bobcat in the henhouse! (and lagniappe)

Reader Michael from Idaho sent a video he made of a bobcat trying to nom his chickens. His report: I have followed your website for many years as we share many of the same interests.  I especially enjoy your posts related to science, atheism and religion and the wonderful discussions that ensue with the commenters. […]

My New Republic piece on the Pope and evolution

The New Republic has already published a slightly edited version of my post on Pope Francis’s views about evolution, and you can find it there under the title: “Stop celebrating the Pope’s views on evolution and the Big Bang. They make no sense.” As always, go over and see it, if for no other reason to […]

The FFRF, Dawkins, and I criticize a Georgia professor who teaches creationism in a public university

A team of us, including Richard Dawkins, Professor Ceiling Cat, and, especially, the lawyers and co-presidents of the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF), have gotten together to protest the religious proselytizing of a professor at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia, Emerson T. McMullen. Although an associate professor of history, McMullen teaches courses like these, which […]

Muslims condemn ISIS

Since I’ve beefed repeatedly about Muslims remaining silent about the malevolence of Islamic extremists, it’s only fair of me to point out (thanks to reader Ryan) that 126 Muslim scholars, imams, muftis, and other authorities have signed a letter condemning ISIS (pdf file at the link). Good for them, and I hope they suffer no […]

It’s National Cat Day!

As reader Linda Grilli informs me, today, October 29, is National Cat Day. By “national,” I assume they mean “U.S.” or even “North American.” Also, it’s described in a kitty-litter site, so I thought it might be bogus. But that repository of everything true, Wikipedia, verifies that every October 29 is National Cat Day: The National […]


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