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Islamophobia vs dislike of Islam

There have been an increasing number of articles in the media portraying those who criticize Islam as “Islamophobes,” and about the pressure Muslims apply (using the “I”-word) to quash those who dare question their faith. How refreshing, then, to see someone of a Muslim background call out this nonsense. The author is Ali Rivzi, a Canadian-Pakistani […]

An ex-Muslim exposes the “Islamophobia” canard

It’s deeply misguided to criticize the New Atheists for attacking Islam and branding it as an especially pernicious faith. It’s even more misguided to label them as racist “Islamophobes”. Such critics are in fact erecting a double standard for human rights, as Islam is clearly more oppressive than other major faiths, and more eager to […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ “Islamophobia”

The latest Jesus and Mo is on target: Reader Michael, who brought this to my attention, explains what the EDL is: This description is about right:- “MP Jon Cruddas, writing in The Guardian, describes the EDL as “a dangerous cocktail of football hooligans, far-right activists and pub racists… a bigger threat than the BNP… providing […]

Andrew Brown plays the Islamophobia card

Poor Andrew Brown!  He got left behind in the salvo of “Islamophobia” accusations leveled by his fellow journalists against the New Atheists.  To make up for it, he has an especially nasty post in today’s Guardian, with the headling “Richard Dawkins’ latest anti-Muslim Twitter spat lays bare his hypocrisy” (Subtitle: “The celebrity atheist’s Twitter rant […]

The “Islamophobia” canard revisited

Smelling blood, the media has spent the past two weeks attacking New Atheism, going so far as, in the case of Theo Hobson of The Spectator, to label Richard Dawkins as a “joke figure“, which he most certainly is not.  Just two days ago, one Freddy Gray, Hobson’s colleague at the Spectator, piled on with […]

Islamophobia again

UPDATE: I just learned that, by complete coincidence, Sam Harris has just published his own response “On Islamophobia and other libels.” _______ Readers have called my attention to two reports, one from Business Insider and the other from, about Saturday’s demonstration in Bangladesh in which thousands of Muslims called for the execution of  local […]

Playing the “Islamophobia” card

Sam Harris is peeved, and rightly so.  Two recent articles, one in Salon by Nathan Lean and the other in Al-Jazeera online by Murtaza Hussain, have mounted nasty (and misguided) attacks on New Atheism because of its perceived “Islamophobia.” I’ve previously dissected Lean’s piece (see the first link), and Hussain’s is just as bad. Here’s […]

What is Islamophobia?

There are three terms that have been bugging me because their definitions are elusive: “New Atheism,” “scientism,” and “Islamophobia.”  Yesterday we dealt with “New Atheism.” In the past few days, Jason Rosenhouse and Massimo Pigliucci have duked it out on their websites about “scientism” (Massimo here, Jason here and here; read all three because the […]

Hamas kidnaps and kills three Israeli teenagers, Palestine fires rockets at civilians

UPDATE: Hamas has denied responsibility for the killing, and so, until more information comes out, I’ll assume that the perpetrators are simply unknown. Their denial, of course, doesn’t mean they didn’t do it. As for my hearing they were responsible, I did, so what I said below was true. The title of this post, however, […]

Spain to deport ex-Muslim for criticizing Islam

Talk about a country bending over backwards to cater to Islam! Spaniards, you have reason to be angry at your country. For the Gatestone Institute (and also Jihad Watch) reports that Spain is set to deport a legal immigrant who was allowed residency in the country in 2006 for fear of persecution.  Imran Firasat, from […]


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