Apparently I don’t understand Jesus

I knew this would happen: amateur theologians come along after I give my reactions to the Bible and instruct me that I am interpreting it rong.  Here’s a comment I got from one “Steve” which I decided to put above the fold; it refers to my post about the beginning of the New Testament.

He’s somewhat of a troll, so I am not allowing him to comment further, but feel free to say what you want to him, assuming he’ll read this.

People who have so little understanding of the teachings of Jesus should never endeavor to comment on it, much less to propagate it. I don’t have the time in my day to point out these errors and educate you. I will give you a little ‘clue’ here though.

Jesus taught a way to love that is beyond our human ability… nobody can naturally love their enemy. That takes a supernatural enactment of God in us. If we live in releationship [sic] with Him this is possible. And He wasn’t referring to letting someone beat you up. If you’ll read the text more carefully, He said, “If a man strikes you on the right cheek…” This was a common expression for someone giving someone a back-handed slap (picture it… he’s facing you… the common way one would strike you on the right side of the face is by taking their right hand and back-handing you. This was a form of INSULT. That’s what He was referring to!

And as far as no secular references to Jesus in history, you need to do your homework. You’ll find all kinds of historical references to dispell [sic] your ignorant assertion that he didn’t exist. I don’t have the time to ‘spoon-feed’ you any more. We live in the ‘information age’…there is therefored no excuse for this level of ignorance.

I guess Steve doesn’t have time, either, to check out those solid “historical references” to Jesus.  But I’m immensely grateful to lean that the word “strike” (or “smite” in the King James version) was purely metaphorical, referring to the reciprocation of insults rather than blows.



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    Jesus packing an Uzi

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    What is the difference between an amateur theologian and a professional theologian? Only thing I can think of is that one is paid to make things up whereas the other does it for free.

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